Game Pass Welcomes 'Minecraft Legends' Later This Month, Among Other Titles

Including the unexpected return of an Xbox Live Arcade classic

Five more games are being added to Game Pass in April, featuring old, new, and yet-to-be-released titles.

Now that April is upon us and the April Fools Day jokes have settled down, Microsoft has released the itinerary for its next few weeks of Game Pass launches. It's an assortment that includes the next big Minecraft spin-off, a few other semi-recent releases, and one unexpected callback to the Xbox Live Arcade days of the mid-2010s.

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'Minecraft Legends' is a significant standout as the game will arrive on Game Pass on the same day as its worldwide general release. It also takes the open-world, survival-driven gameplay of the original game and reshapes it into a team-based multiplayer action game where strategy and skill are both important.

'Ghostwire: Tokyo,' on the other hand, is a first-person action affair with some horror elements that see you exploring (and trying to fix) a devastated Tokyo overrun with supernatural creatures. While 'NHL 23' is, well, NHL for 2023—it gives you control over current National Hockey League teams.

'Loop Hero' lets you explore a world created randomly, acquiring and playing various cards strategically as you find treasures and deal with dangerous enemies. However, the inclusion of 'Iron Brigade' is perhaps the biggest surprise, as the third-person action tower defense game was initially released on Xbox Live Arcade in 2011.

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Loop Hero hits Game Pass for console and PC today, with Iron Brigade following on console and cloud streaming on Thursday, April 6. Ghostwire: Tokyo comes to consoles, cloud, and PC on Wednesday, April 12, and NHL 23 is out the day after (Thursday, April 13) for consoles.

Minecraft Legends caps off the release schedule on its official launch date—Tuesday, April 18—on console, cloud, and PC.

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