Galaxy Z-Fold 3 Leaks Promise Under-Display Camera

Goodbye, camera notch! The screen lover's dream come true

New leaks of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 may have just revealed more details about the upcoming foldable, including an under-display camera. 

A Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 folded to show its design


Leaked by Twitter user, The Galox, the new images appear to include promotional material for the Z Fold 3, as well as images of the back and main display of the device. One of the most notable changes detailed in the leak is the removal of the camera notch, which has been a mainstay on smartphones since the push for "edge-to-edge" screens several years ago. 

In recent phone releases, this notch has been replaced by a small circular cutout, but the Z-Fold 3 could do away with that completely, as well. Instead, the images shared appear to point to an under-display camera, something many have been hoping for.

The back of the Z Fold 3 does not appear to use the new Contour Cut camera design that Samsung has been putting on its more recent devices. According to Slash Gear, the new back camera design doesn't seem to include a periscope telephoto lens. Instead, the Z Fold 3 only will offer the standard main ultra-wide and telephoto cameras that were present on the S21 and S21+ last year.

There are also rumors that the Z Fold 3 will launch with S-Pen support, something that the Z Fold 2 lacked. Based on what we’ve seen so far, though, it does not appear that the Z Fold 3 will offer any kind of storage option for the S-Pen, so you’ll need to store it away from the device.

It also appears the Z Fold 3’s screen will be stronger than previous devices, which should help with scratches and drops.

Some of the final details that The Galox shared about the upcoming Z Fold 3 include dual 120Hz displays. The Z Fold 2 offered a similar refresh rate on its main display, but this change could mean a slicker experience on the Z Fold 3’s outer display, too.

The leaks also suggest that the Z Fold 3 will ship with a 25W charger, something Samsung has been phasing out with past device releases.

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