Galaxy Watch4 Detects More Hand Gestures and Falls

The new update rolls out October 20

Samsung's Galaxy Watch4 is getting a software update that expands its Gesture Control and Fall Detection features.

Watch4 owners also will find more customization options for their devices, including four new watch faces and the ability to add a GIF from My Photo+, according to Samsung. The new update will be available starting Wednesday.

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Currently, Gesture Control can activate Watch4 features through simple hand motions, such as moving a forearm up and down twice to answer calls. With the update, the Watch4 now will recognize a knocking motion from your wrist as an action trigger.

For example, the configured action could be turning on a connected light, opening an app, or creating a new reminder. There's no word yet if we'll see other gesture controls in the future.

Introduced in 2020, Fall Detection allows a Galaxy smartwatch to recognize if you fall down while exercising. Now the device can detect falls outside of exercise, as well, and you can adjust the sensitivity of its sensor and send out an emergency notification for up to four contacts if you've fallen.

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Aesthetically, you also have four new faces to choose from: Basic Dashboard gives general information such as date and temperature, Info Brick lets you choose what information is shown, Weather Center gives an in-depth weather report, and Live Wallpaper displays a dynamic image alongside the time.

There's also a new My Photo+ watch face that lets you upload a moving GIF to the Watch4 for a unique and dynamic touch.

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