Galaxy S5 Tips and Tricks

Samsung Galaxy S5


The Samsung Galaxy S5 is so crammed full of useful features that it can be easy to miss some of those which have been less shouted about than the Fingerprint Scanner and the Heart Rate Monitor. Here are just a few of the clever, useful, time-saving or just plain cool things your Samsung Galaxy S5 can do.

Increase Screen Sensitivity

Standard capacitive smartphone displays are unable to detect touches to the screen if there is not skin to glass contact. Capacitive displays work using tiny electrical charges in our bodies, so tiny that they will not pass through even a thin material. There are gloves available which contain a wire which conducts the electrical charge through the material to the glass, but if you don't have a pair of these, the only option is to take a glove off to use the phone.

The Galaxy S5 allows you to increase the sensitivity of the touchscreen, which should, in most cases, allow you to use the touchscreen even whilst wearing normal gloves. Look in Settings > Sound and Display > Display and check the box next to Increase touch sensitivity.

Hide Things in Private Mode

There are several apps available, including the very popular Keepsafe, which allows you to hide images and videos within a locked “vault” on your phone. This has obvious security advantages, adding another passcode lock that someone would need to get through in the event that your phone is lost or stolen. It is also useful if you want to be able to let others use your phone (your children for example) but want to keep certain media files hidden away.

To enable Private Mode, you will need to look in the personalization section of the settings. When first switched on, you will be asked to choose a lock method and enter a passcode (unless you choose to use the fingerprint scanner to unlock). Now simply select your files to hide, tap menu and select Move to private. When you switch private mode off, those files will be hidden.

Enable Music Auto-off

If you like to listen to music as you fall asleep, but don't want a whole album to continue playing after you have dropped off, potentially wasting your battery charge, you can set the music player to turn off after a set period. You can choose preset timers between 15 minutes and 2 hours, or you can set a custom timer. Open the music player, tap the menu button and look in settings for Music auto off.

Access the Camera from Lock Screen

It is all too easy to miss a brilliant photo opportunity when you have to unlock your phone, find the camera app icon, tap it and wait for the camera to open. With one change in the settings, you can add a camera quick start button to the lock screen. Even if you have a screen lock in place, the camera will still be usable with this button. Go to Settings > Quick Settings > Lock Screen, and enable Camera short-cut.

Using Priority Senders

As you use the phone and receive messages from your friends and family, the Galaxy S5 will suggest priority senders. These are the people you message a lot, or that message you a lot, and can then be added to the priority sender box at the top of the SMS app. You can, of course, decide for yourself who you want as a priority sender by tapping the + button and choosing from your contacts list.

In-App Call Notifications

This useful setting allows you to continue using an app when a call comes in. Rather than interrupting what you are doing to open the incoming call screen, a notification pop-up appears, allowing you to answer (even in speaker mode) or reject the call without leaving the app you were using. Take a look in the call settings to enable this feature.

Multiple Fingerprint Scanner

There has been a lot written about the S5 fingerprint scanner in recent weeks, but even with all that publicity, you may not know all the tricks this feature offers. To use the fingerprint scanner, you will need to register a fingerprint for it to recognize. But did you know that you can actually register more than one fingerprint, meaning you won't have to change how you are holding your phone if you can't reach the home button with your index finger, for example? You can even register the print on the side of your thumb for one-handed operation.