How to Create App Pairs With the Galaxy Note 8

Need to get two things done at once? Here's how

What to Know

  • Enable Apps Edge by tapping Settings > Display > Edge Screen > toggle on Edge Panels.
  • Swipe Edge Panel to the left to open Apps Edge. Tap + to add apps.
  • Tap Create App Pair and select two apps. Customize the appearance before tapping Done.

This article explains how to use App Pairing with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The app pairs open two apps simultaneously on your screen. The apps will open one above the other if the phone is held vertically or side by side if the phone is held horizontally.

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Enable Apps Edge

  1. Tap Settings
  2. Select Display
  3. Tap Edge Screen
  4. Toggle Edge Panels to On
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Open the App Edge

Swipe the Edge Panel to the left to open the App Edge

Open the App Edge by swiping the Edge Panel to the left. If you swipe a second time, the People Edge appears. By default, these are the only two Edge capabilities that are enabled, but you can change that by tapping the Settings icon and enabling or disabling whatever features you prefer. Available Edge capabilities include:

  • Clipboard Edge
  • Reminder Edge
  • Device Maintenance
  • Tasks Edge
  • Weather
  • Quick Tools
  • Samsung Internet
  • Sports
  • Finance 
  • CNN
  • Smart Select
  • Calendar
  • Yelp for Samsung
  • Samsung Music
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Add Apps to Your Edge

Select an open position to add an app pair by tapping the + sign.

When you open the App Edge for the first time, you'll need to populate it with apps. To do that, tap the + sign and then select the app you want easy access to. Users often choose the apps they access most often.

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Add an App Pair to Your Edge

Select Create App Pair to begin creating an app pairing.

To create an app pair, begin the same way you would add a single app. First, tap the + sign to add an app. Then, in the screen that appears, tap Create App Pair in the upper right corner.

If your App Edge is already full, you won't see the + sign. Instead, you'll need to delete an app to make room for another. Press and hold the app you want to delete until the trash can icon appears at the top of the screen. Then drag the app into the trash can. Don't worry, it's still listed in All Apps, it's just no longer pinned to the App Edge. 

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Creating an App Pair

The Create App Pair screen opens so you can select the two apps you want to pair.

The Create App Pair screen opens. Select two apps to pair together from the list of available apps. Once paired, the two apps will open simultaneously when you select the pair from the App Edge. For example, if you frequently use Chrome and Docs at the same time, you can pair the two to open together to save time. 

Some apps cannot be paired together, and won't appear in the list of apps available for pairing. However, you may occasionally encounter a glitch that occurs when you pair two available apps, but get an error message when they try to open. If this happens, the apps may open together, despite the error message. Otherwise, you can always open the apps and then touch and hold the Recents button on the bottom left of the device to switch back and forth between apps. This works for apps that won't pair together, as well.

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Customize How Your App Pair Appears

To change which app opens on the top or bottom, tap Switch.

The apps will open in the order you selected them. So, if you chose Chrome first and then Docs, Chrome will be the top (or left) window on your screen and Docs will be the bottom (or right) window. To change that, tap Switch.

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Completing Your App Pair

Paired apps open together, at the same time with one on the top and one on the bottom.

Once you've selected the apps you want to pair, Done appears in the upper right corner of the screen. Tap Done to complete the pairing, and you'll be returned to the Apps Edge settings page. If you're finished, press the Home button to return to your home screen. You can also add additional apps or App Pairings to your Edge from this screen.

Accessing your new App Pair is as easy as swiping your App Edge to the left and tapping the pair you want to open. 

Pairing up apps can be a little glitchy, especially when you're creating multiple pairs at a time. If you start experiencing difficulties while creating app pairs, try restarting your device when you've finished then accessing the completed pairs. 

Productivity in Pairs

One thing to note about creating App Pairs is that not all apps have pairing capabilities enabled. You'll be limited to those apps that are enabled, but you'll find there are plenty to choose from.

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