How to Get Viewers on Mixer

Fill Up That Stream With Followers

The Mixer website is open displaying a variety of games.

Streaming is easier than ever for PC and Xbox One users with Mixer. While getting started and beginning to steam isn't difficult, trying to find an audience is a slightly more arduous task. It will take time and work, but if you know what you're doing it's not an insurmountable task.

How to Gain Followers for Your Mixer Channel

One of the hardest parts of getting started with Mixer is figuring out how to attract followers to your page. There is no end to the competition for viewers and without followers, you're really only speaking to yourself. That's why we've collected the best ways to attract followers when you are just getting started.

Follow a Reliable Schedule

Watching a Mixer stream is a lot like watching a television show, except it's a game you're watching instead of a scripted show. If you want to attract people to your channel, having a schedule you stick to is the first step. This will let viewers know when they can watch your stream and know it isn't going to be a one-time thing.

The more often you stream, the more followers you can expect to attract, but not if you are unreliable. If you want to gain plenty of followers, build a schedule that has you streaming several days every week and stick to it.

Engage Your Audience

One of the best parts of Mixer streams is the person who is playing. Talk to your audience, get them involved in what's going on. Your personality is one of the main draws to gain followers. The more you talk to the people following you, the better chance that they will return for your next stream. While you don't have to talk to viewers while you broadcast, it's the easiest way to make connections with your followers and get them hooked on your channel.

Be sure to talk to your viewers as you broadcast. Investing in a good quality mic and camera make this a lot easier, and make it easier for viewers to connect with you as they watch!

Personalize Your Stream Titles

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of streams going on all the time. So having a title that reaches out and grabs people by the eyeballs means that you have a better chance of attracting people to your channel, and if they like what they see, they'll come back
Mixer doesn't have a character limit for your titles. This means you can put a good deal of information into each one, but you'll want to opt for something short and sweet that gets the point across.

Aim for a title that grabs people's attention and gives them an idea of what they'll see:
Watch me Scare myself in Until Dawn works better than Until Dawn: First Playthrough!

Likewise if you have skills, put that in your title: Top Ranked Mercy in Overwatch works better than Overwatch playing Mercy!

Optimize Your Equipment

The better your equipment for streaming, the higher quality your broadcast will have. This means grabbing the best webcam and microphone that you can so that your viewers can see and hear you clearly while streaming.

While you can use the microphone and camera that are peripherals of your computer, these often don't deliver the best overall quality. Specifically, your audio may come through scratchy, making it harder to understand what you are saying.
Making sure you also have good lighting when streaming can help. If you're playing horror games, then mood lighting in red might be the best call. If you want people to see your whole setup than a brighter light up and out of frame may serve you better. Remember that you don't want to destroy your eyesight playing in total darkness and that folks won't be able to see you without proper lighting.

Investing in a solid mic and camera make a huge difference to your stream. These are the only ways that viewers can see or hear you, so picking up these accessories can deliver an automatic boost to how your broadcasts look and sound!

Decorate Your Space

One thing many streamers don't take into account is what your viewers can see behind and around you. If you're streaming in an area of your home that has a lot of foot traffic, then investing in a backdrop may be the best call.

If you primarily play one specific game or type of game, then decorating behind you in that game's style may draw in viewers. This is especially true if you're a Bethesda gamer who is mostly streaming games like Fallout or Elder Scrolls.

Be Yourself

Viewers are drawn in by the person behind the game. Being authentic about your personality, the games you like, and your skills will only make things easier!

The most important thing to remember when trying to attract followers is that what works for one person, may not work for you. Everyone has a different path when it comes to streaming and being authentic to who you are and the games you like to play will show. Being enthusiastic and committed to streaming is going to serve you more than doing what everyone says that you need to do.