Gadgetology: Sound Flask, Grovemade Sleeve, U-Float Grip

Gadgetology is a quick preview of random portable gear and accessories that float our fancy, just ‘cause

Go-go gadget time, baby.

Got a pretty interesting batch of contraptions this time around, including a speaker that looks like a drinking flask, an iPad sleeve made of wood and wool, a light cube that doubles as a flashlight, and a camera grip that floats.

Yeah, I had to read that twice, too. Now onward to the Gadgetology roundup.

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iHome Sound Flask Bluetooth Speaker

iHome Sound Flask
The Sound Flask wireless Bluetooth speaker from iHome. iHome

Image is everything. So why not add a bit of buzz to yours with the iHome Sound Flask? Designed to look like one of those classic hip flasks, the Sound Flask’s, um, adult exterior actually houses a Bluetooth wireless speaker complete with a speakerphone and built-in battery that pour out 8 hours of music on a single charge. Don’t want to look like a wino when you’re out and about the streets with the speaker? You can also get a custom case for it that comes with a carabiner for hooking into your backpack, belt loop or ears if you get a rise out of that kind of stuff. By the way, that last part was a joke so don't do it, OK?

Cost: $49.99 for IBT12 and $99.99 for IBT32

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U-Float Floatable Camera Grip

X-Sories U-Float
The X-Sories U-Float can support cameras up to 1 kilogram in weight and float objects weighing 200 grams. X-Sories

Get a grip! And make it float while you’re at it. This handy dandy doohickey doubles as a handheld grip for cameras as well as a floating bobber for non-landlubbers who like to use their action cameras in the water. ‘Cause there’s nothing worse for an action camera geek than seeing said action camera sink into the depths of oblivion because you happened to drop it. Just to be safe, it also comes with a tether loop as an extra precaution from losing your gear. Max load is 1 kilogram or about 2 pounds for regular gripping is. It can also make objects up to 200 grams float on water.

Cost: $30

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Grovemade Walnut or Maple iPad Sleeve

Grovemade iPad Sleeve
Grovemade's iPad Sleeve are made of wood and undyed wool felt. Grovemade

Do you like to hug trees? How about having a tree hug your iPad? That’s right, you can go au naturel when it comes to your case for your Apple tablet with the Grovemade Walnut iPad Sleeve. The natural sleeve is yet another addition to Grovemade’s line of natural gadget accessories, such as its iPhone bamboo or wood cases as well as its purdy looking iPhone dock. In the case of its Walnut or Maple iPad sleeves, Grovemade marries a thin strip of hardwood with undyed German wool felt to create a cushy embrace for your Apple tablet. Yes, I know that might sound weird but what do you expect from a product that’s made in Portland?

Cost: $89

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Enevu Splashproof Cube Light

Enevu Cube Light
Enevu's Cube light is splashproof and works as a lamp or flashlight. Enevu

Ooh, shiny. If you’re the type who gets in the mood for whatever it is you get in the mood for via lighting, here’s a tiny little gadget for you. Enevu calls its 100-lumen Cube a “Mood & Utility Light,” which implies a couple of things. For starters, its square, modern design makes it look like it would be perfect for serving up some mood lighting in your kitchen or room. An IPX-4 splashproof rating, however, also means this little bugger has some practical use and you can take it out with you to the great outdoors. Its base, for example, can be used as a flashlight. It also comes with a hanging hook if you want to dangle it on a small branch or some other protruding object. Battery life ranges anywhere from three to a whopping 100 hours on three AAA batteries depending on whether you have it on high, medium or low settings.

Cost: $29.90

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