Gadgetology: Radiation-Proof Phone Case

A Radiation-Proof Case, Smart Plug, Bamboo Keyboard and More

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 Ah, yes, smartphones. Can’t live without them, can’t live without them. At least that seems to be the case based on all the folks I see with their head tilted down and eyes glued on their phone screens when they’re out and about. In short, people love using their smartphones. Heck, some apparently even use them while making love. Apparently, some people don’t have their priorities in order. Don’t be like that Rob Lowe, OK? Anywho, here are some trinkets to help get you more out of your beloved portable communications device.

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Pong Radiation Protection Case

Pong Radiation Protection Case
Pong's smartphone cases redirects radiation away from a user's face. Pong

Forget about aliens phoning home, are you paranoid about what radiation from your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy might be doing to your beautiful mind? Pong makes an iPhone case that claims to redirect cell phone radiation away from your noggin just in case some future study proves that all that smartphone stuff might actually turn you into a future candidate of the Avengers or X-Men. Boy, I hope I don’t get some lame superpower. Otherwise, it might at least make it OK for guys to plop their phones in their pockets again without worrying about that study on how cell phone emissions stunted plant growth. The trick? It all apparently lies in super thin antenna built into the case that redirects stuff away. Science, man.

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Impecca Bamboo Keyboard

Impecca Bamboo Wireless Keyboard
The Impecca Compact Wireless Keyboard features a more natural touch over the usual plastic. Impecca

Do you like bamboo as much as Goldfinger likes gold? Then Impecca has a gadget just for you. The compact wireless bamboo keyboard is partly made of that stuff that pandas love to climb, adding an au naturel feel to your normal typing. What’s more, it uses Bluetooth, which means you can use it with your smartphone or tablet, regardless of whether it uses Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android or whatever compatible OS your device is rocking. Each keyboard also comes with a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery (no the battery isn’t made from bamboo) that can last up to 30 days before needing to be charged again. Wireless range is about 35 feet and, like pandas, the keyboard also automatically sleeps after being inactive for a certain time.

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iHome Control Smart Plug

iHome Control Smart Plug
The iHome Control Smart Plug can be controlled remotely via a smartphone app. iHome

To quote Janet Jackson, some folks just want a lot of control. If you fancy yourself a little gadget dictator, the Control SmartPlug from iHome is a smart outlet that allows you to control devices such as lamps, humidifiers and fans that are plugged into it via a smartphone app even when you aren’t at home. This includes setting up schedules for when plugged devices should turn on or off. Heck, you can even order Siri to power stuff on or off for you. Yep, Siri knows who’s boss. Did I mention by the way that I ordered Siri to call me “Jason the Awesome?” I wish I was kidding. I’m, like, one banana republic away from becoming a supremo. For now, though, I’m just a taco supremo, I guess.

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Kenu Stance Compact Tripod

Kenu Stance Mini Tripod
The Kenu Stance Mini Tripod allows users to prop up their smartphone horizontally or vertically. Kenu

With smartphones doubling as video-viewing devices as well as the advent of live streaming apps such as Periscope, phones have turned into veritable media devices. If you like indulging in such activities via your iPhone, Android smartphone or Windows phone without using those things called hands, then a compact tripod such as the Kenu Stance just might be the gadget for you. The device also doubles as a stand for viewing videos horizontally or as a mini three-legged tripod for vertical video Periscoping. Please note, guys, that Periscoping yourself shirtless in front of a bathroom mirror doesn’t really add anything to society, m’kay?