G4 Select Channel Launches on PlutoTV

Available on Channel 800 with ads

Gaming channel G4 has launched on the streaming platform Pluto TV where it will be known as G4 Select.

According to G4, G4 Select is the result of an exclusive partnership with Pluto TV and will be free for all to enjoy. It'll have the revitalized versions of G4 legacy programs like Xplay, Ninja Warrior, and Attack the Show!, plus original content like esports events and some new series.

G4 Select on Pluto TV

G4/Pluto TV

G4 Select is utilizing a new streaming format known FAST or free, ad-supported streaming television, something other platforms have taken part in, i.e., Amazon with IMDb TV. It's a way for viewers to watch the channel without paying for cable TV.

In addition to legacy shows, new programs like the game show Name Your Price hosted by Twitch streamer AustinShow and gaming review series Scott the Woz will be available on G4 Select. The official Pluto TV Twitter account also revealed that the esports show Boosted and the show Invitation to Party will air on Pluto TV.

Invitation to Party is a new series that brings comedians and content creators together to play a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. It's unknown if new G4 shows like Crash Course will migrate over to Pluto TV as the programming will be different.

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Currently, G4 Select is exclusive to Pluto TV, with no indication of it moving to G4's other outlets like cable, the Twitch channel, or YouTube.

The original G4 channel is available on Pay-TV services like Xfinity TV, with plans to add more distribution partners soon.

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