10 Funny Videos on YouTube

Check out these hilarious videos that deserve to be watched

Looking for funny YouTube videos? Easier said than done. Over 100 hours of video content is uploaded to YouTube every single minute, so it can be hard to dig through all of that stuff to find some of the best.

Most of us have already seen the big ones like Gangnam Style, Rebecca Black’s Friday or the Double Rainbow Guy thanks to viral word of mouth, but there are tons of other ones hiding on YouTube that are probably just as funny – if not more.

Here are 10 videos that have experienced some pretty good viral success due to how funny they are. And even if you’ve already seen a couple of them, they’re probably worth watching again.

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Dragon Baby is not your ordinary “adorable baby” viral video. Nope. This baby has serious ninja skills that look too real to believe it’s all special effects. It’s only about a minute long but makes an impression right away. You can also check out the behind the scenes video on this one right over here. More »

This one, called Going to the Store, might not appeal to everybody’s sense of humor and can be interpreted as a little bit creepy. Funny or not, it’s 100% weird, and you almost have to watch it two or three times to wrap your ​head around it. Sadly, he never makes it to the store in the video. Regardless, it’s still a very impressive work of CGI. More »

This was uploaded shortly after Rebecca Black’s Friday music video went super viral back in 2011. It’s one of the funniest, most creative covers out there, performed by the comedic and musically talented Matt Mulholland. His cover puts a spin on the dark side of Friday – something most of us wouldn’t think would be possible from the original. More »

Here’s another one if you like weird and creepy rolled right into a funny video. YouTube user “The Winekone,” perfectly lip syncs every word to Nicki Minaj’s popular song Starships, and throws in a couple extra heads of his to sing some of the other parts. You really just have to see it to understand. More »

Fafa and Mario are a couple of puppets who know how to make you laugh in practically every video, but Evolution of the Hipster is among their best. Gorilla does a wonderful job at portraying the various stages of growth that led to the hipster culture we know and love (or hate) today. More »

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If you haven’t yet seen Julian Smith’s ridiculously amazing song and music video about jellyfish, which is totally different from jelly and fish, then you need to see it now. The message is pretty simple: just make sure you don’t eat a real jellyfish… or you’ll die! It’s subtle, but it could save your life. More »

Here’s a home video shot by dog owner Lonnie and Joby the dog at the beach. Lonnie tells the camera, “look how that boy mind me” just before Joby decides to enter the water and, well, you have to watch to see the rest. Without a doubt, the funniest part of the whole video is Lonnie’s voice and reaction to Joby. More »

Believe it or not, the guy in this video is the same the guy who made the viral Leave Britney Alone video years ago – Chris Crocker, who still makes videos today as a popular web personality, although he’s gone back to embracing his masculine looks. This video promotes the idea of demanding money from people who are staring at you because you look so amazing. Weird and hilarious. More »

This could arguably be one of the greatest song mashups of all time. Nobody would have ever guessed that Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up and Sir Mixalot’s Baby Got Back would go so well together. The mashup is only just over a minute long, but you’ll probably want to play it a few times because it’s just that amazing. More »

The Pronunciation Manual YouTube channel pokes a lot of fun at the English language, and you can spend a good few minutes going through all the hilarious short pronunciation videos on this channel without realizing it. One of the best is the pronunciation of the word “Guinness,” which is actually quite hard to listen to without laughing your head off. More »

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