10 Funny Snapchat Ideas That Will Make All Your Friends LOL

You have 10 seconds or less to grab their attention, so make it count!

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You've got to love all those funny Snapchat videos and photos. Despite being a top social network, it's really the only one that feels less like standing on a digital stage screaming, "please notice my very interesting post," and a little bit more like how people actually communicate in real life.

Blasting posts to a ton of friends and followers for likes and comments gets boring after a long while. But Snapchat allows you to let loose and have fun as if you were chatting and interacting with your friends in person, taking the pressure off of making a post perfect since messages don't stay on your profile forever and aren't valued by how many hearts or thumbs ups they get.

If you're wondering how to step up your Snapchat game by expanding your collection of funny Snapchat ideas, look no further than the following snap ideas that absolutely anyone can take and make their own. Your friends will be both amused and impressed.

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Take Advantage of the Lenses That Warp Your Selfies

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Okay, so maybe the flower crown lens is pretty great, and so is that other makeover lens that smooths out your skin, but let's face it—it's not very likely that its going to make anyone giggle. The warped lenses are where the real fun is at.

Put away your best selfie face and shove all your insecurities aside so you can fully embrace the lenses that make you look crazy and ugly as opposed to perfect. Use these lenses to make your face twist and distort into something almost unrecognizable before snapping a good one at just the right angle. Bonus points to you if you add a really funny caption with it.

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Get Your Pets Involved

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Some people get really annoyed if you're pulling your phone out at every moment and trying to capture everything that's going on. Lucky for you, your pet doesn't know what Snapchat is and likely won't care as long as you don't get all up in their faces too much.

You can play around with lenses on your pets by first activating your front-facing camera and holding down your face to bring up the lenses, then switching to your back-facing camera and trying to get the app to recognize your pet's facial features. Lenses are tricky with pets, but it's not impossible to catch a good one.

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Go Nuts With Emoji

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We're really in the middle of the emoji era right now. Snapchat makes it possible to put any emoji on your snap, giving you the opportunity to combine imagery with even more imagery. You can even resize emoji by pinching it on the screen with your index finger and thumb and moving both your finger and thumb outward.

Make it rain with the cry-laughing face emoji. Put a giant coffee cup on your head. Give your cat some pink lips. The possibilities are truly endless.

Tip: Snap a video, select an emoji, drag it to a person/animal/object in your video and hold it there to secure it to that person/animal/object. It stay there as your video plays!

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Tell a Story in a Series of Snaps

Series of Snaps
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This would be perfect for posting to your My Story section on Snapchat. As an event unfolds, capture it in a series of snaps while trying to exaggerate what's happening. Even the most mundane things can be turned into comedic gold when you do this.

Add captions to describe what's going on and throw in a selfie or two every once in a while to show your reaction. Everything from walking down the street to brushing your teeth can seem funny when you exaggerate it in a bunch of snaps.

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Show Off Your Drawing Skills

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Before Snapchat introduced lenses, we all had to resort to the drawing tool to make our snaps a little more creative. This is the tool you'll want to use to unleash your inner art freak.

While it may take a little extra time to choose the correct colours and swipe your finger across the screen in just the right way to fill everything in, you can seriously make some pretty ridiculous masterpieces that will make all your friends question why Disney hasn't hired you yet to draw the characters for their next big film.

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Pair an Inspiring Photo With an Awkward Caption

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Photos of calming sunsets, sparkling city landscapes, sandy beaches, fluffy white clouds and lush green forests are all pretty great. But they're even better when you capture them in a snap and add some of the kind of hilarious caption that really interrupts the magic.

Type something sarcastic, exaggerative, awkward, kinda creepy or totally unrelated to the image. Now that will really inspire your friends.

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Face Swap With Random Things

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You have to admit that the face swap lens is pretty great. But its even greater when you do it with random objects that have pictures of people on them or that simply resemble human faces well enough for Snapchat to recognize it.

Try face swapping with the Starbucks lady on your coffee cup, the Spiderman design on your child's T-shirt, or the woman in that painting at the art gallery you're visiting. Everywhere you look, there are things waiting to be face swapped!

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Snap What You're Watching or Reading

Couch Potato
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Studying a chapter of your textbook for school? Watching something good on Netflix? Snap it and add your hilarious thoughts on the content with a quirky caption.

You can even enhance the images in your book or on your screen by adding lenses, drawings or emoji. This is a great (and very creative) way to let your friends know what you're up to in the current moment.

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Snap With the 'Try It With a Friend' Lenses

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Face swap is fantastic, but the "Try It With a Friend" lenses are just as fun—especially because they change on a day to day basis. These are the lenses that detect two faces and put quirky masks or effects on both.

Get your BFF, your partner, or even your pet (again) involved with it. You can snap a video of the both of you talking and interacting while your faces are covered by these silly lenses to make it even funnier. 

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Snap Videos With Moving Emoji

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Guess what else you can do with emojis on Snapchat? If you're snapping a video, you can add an emoji, drag it to the spot where you want to put it and then hold it down to secure it to a moving person, animal or object in the video.

As the person, animal or object moves around, the emoji you just attached to it will move around with it. Neat, right? This takes some practice and doesn't always work, but when it does, it looks pretty fun.

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