6 Funny Autocorrect Fail Websites to Check Out

Endless Screenshot Fun of the Most Hilarious Autocorrect Mistakes

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If you own a smartphone, you can probably admit to having at least one autocorrect fail experience. When your phone automatically generates a word you don't want to use, it can completely change the meaning of your entire message in the most unexpected way.

It happens to all of us. And sometimes we just can't help but take a screenshot of it to share on social media when it's funny or crazy enough to tell other people about it. It's a big trend that has spawned a lot of websites lately.

Got some time to kill? Here are five great autocorrect fail websites to bookmark and follow for some good entertainment.

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Cheezburger's Fail Blog's

Fail Blog
Screenshot of Cheezburger.com

If you know about the I Can Has Cheezburger network, then you probably also know about LOLcats and the Fail Blog. They were pretty popular years ago, and they're still quite popular today. The Fail Blog's autocorrect tag will show you all the most recently published autocorrect fails, which include a mix of screenshots from smartphones and other website platforms.

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Tumblr's Autocorrect Fail Tag

Screenshot of Tumblr.com

Tumblr is the place you want to be if you love funny images and GIFs — and because its user base is so young, you can bet that tons of text message screenshots are shared every day. I'd recommend following the autocorrect fail tag for recently updated posts. There are individual blogs that have focused on the trend too, like WTF Autocorrects, but many go inactive after a while.

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/r/texts on Reddit

Screenshot of Reddit.com

Like Tumblr, Reddit is another obvious place to look for funny and recently posted content. For screenshots of texts and autocorrects, you'll want to check out the Texts subreddit. Although you won't see multiple submissions every day, you can at least expect to see some really good ones shared and upvoted every couple of days or so. 

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"Autocorrect" Searched on Pinterest

A screenshot of Pinterest.com.

Just like Tumblr and Reddit, Pinterest is another great social site that's chock full of funny autocorrect images. Just searching "autocorrect" will lead to countless results. As an added bonus, you can use the suggested terms that appear in the dropdown list (like "autocorrect fails" or autocorrect hilarious" and take advantage of the related terms that appear at the top of the search results if you want to narrow down your search further.

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Autocorrect Fail

A screenshot of AutocorrectFail.org.

Here's another blog-style site that's entirely dedicated to featuring funny autocorrects — both from text conversations and other situations. You can use the menu options that the top to check out what's popular, random posts or memes. Although the site seems fairly recently created, its design is a bit of a nightmare and it's rather slow to load, so keep this in mind as you browse through it.

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Screenshot of Tumblr.com

Great name for this type of website, right? Smartphowned used to be a website that eventually moved to Tumblr. It keeps its posts pretty streamlined and mostly features iPhone text screenshots. The only downside to this one is that it appears to be inactive since hasn't been updated in several years, but you should be able to find some good ones if you're willing to browse through its archive.