10 of the Funniest Vine Memes to Go Viral

A look back at some of the best memes to grace the Vine app

The Vine service has been discontinued, but the information below is for archive purposes. See What Was Vine? article for more on this popular video-sharing app.

Back when Twitter's Vine app was still around, memes took off in as little as a few hours across the six-second video sharing platform.

While some of the memes that went viral on Vine were often inappropriate (either sexually explicit or vulgar in language), plenty were totally SFW (Safe For Work) and unbelievably hilarious.

Here are just 10 Vine memes to look back on, along with links to their original sources—some of which are still accessible via Vine.co.

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Nothing But Yeet

Screenshot of Vine.co

"Yeet" was a strange type of dance that became popular both on Vine and YouTube. It involved swinging your arms and shoulders to the sides while yelling, "Yeet," to a beat. Viners would often yell, "Yeet!" in their videos for comedic effect, or use a "yeet" sound effect.

Watch one of the original vines.

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What Are Those?

What Are Those?
Screenshot of Instagram.com

This meme showed a guy asking a police officer if he could ask him a question, and then pointing his phone at the officer's shoes and screaming, "WHAT ARE THOOOOSE???" Everyone on Vine certainly thought it was hilarious and worthy of being parodied over and over again.

Watch the original.

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'The Potato Flew Around My Room' Song

Screenshot of Vine.co

A video was uploaded of a child singing a song where he swapped the word "tornado" with "potato." After it gained about 10 million loops in two weeks, another version was uploaded, this time taking the audio from the original and pairing it with a video of an actual potato tied to a string and attached to a ceiling fan.

Watch one version that blew up on Vine.

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My Name Is Jeff

Channing Tatum
Screenshot of YouTube.com

Viners started having a lot of fun with a short clip from the Hollywood film 22 Jump Street. In the scene, actor Channing Tatum tries to fake a foreign accent while saying, "My name is Jeff," and fails terribly. Both the phrase and movie clip itself began showing up in thousands of Vines when it hit peak virality.

Vine compilations of, "My Name is Jeff."


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The 'Just Girly Things' Meme

Just Girly Things

Just Girly Things is the name of a popular Tumblr blog that posts images, with text over them, depicting relatable things that girls love to do. On Vine, the trend parodied the blog by showing a photo from the blog (often paired with background music of Vanessa Carlton's 100 Miles) and then acting out a scene that's completely exaggerated or unexpected.

Visit the original Tumblr blog.

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The Theme Song from Disney Junior's 'Little Einsteins' TV Show

Little Einsteins
Screenshot of Vine.co

A song from a children's television show completely blew up on Vine after a trap remix version of it was uploaded to YouTube. Viners took every opportunity to use it as the background music in their vines, often pairing it with ridiculous dance moves too.

Hear the full theme song on YouTube. 

Listen to the remix that went viral.

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I Eat Pears

Screenshot of YouTube.com

A clip from an interview with American hip hop artist Rick Ross features him explaining how much he loves to eat pears as part of his weight loss plan. Viners loved it, especially the very pronounced "P" sound that came out when he says the word pear. That was apparently enough for everyone to start incorporating the sound clip into their own Vine videos.

Watch the original interview clip (NSFW language).

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You're Not My Dad!

You're Not My Dad
Screenshot of Vine.co

A sound clip saying, "You're not my dad!" went viral after a Vine video was posted that featured a child dramatically yelling the phrase, followed by swearing and calling the the cameraman a "noodle head." It's one of the most identifiable and popular sound clips used across Vine.

Watch the original vine (NSFW language)

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The 'Hollaback Girl' Song

Hollaback Girl
Screenshot of Vine.co

There was a big trend on Vine that involved pairing the beginning of Gwen Stefani's Hollaback Girl song with videos of people falling down, getting punched, being hit in the head by something, or any other accidental and painful situation. The video is almost always edited to quickly match and repeat the strong beat of the song for comedic effect.

Watch a compilation of The Hollaback Girl Vines

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Lebron James Kid

LeBron James
Screenshot of Vine.co

A vine featuring a child repeatedly saying, "Lebron James," in different clips at different angles quickly became a favorite. The sound clip had been used all across the video platform, and more than a year since the original was first uploaded, it was still a relatively popular meme.

Watch the original vine.

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