Fun iPad Accessories

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The iPad is fun enough all by itself, but if you are looking to take it to the next level, just check out some of these neat accessories. You'll be able to do everything from hooking your iPad up to your TV to spying on your friends and family to learning how to play the piano.  

Apple TV
Apple, Inc.

With AirPlay, Apple TV is the best way to connect your iPad to your TV, which makes it a great accessory to pair with your iPad. In addition to playing games and browsing apps on your TV, Apple TV functions as a great streaming service for iTunes movies, Netflix, YouTube, etc 

Anki Drive

Anki Drive Cars


Anki Drive was featured in the iPad 4 announcement.  The remote-controlled race car experience mimics the hot wheels tracks of our youth but using your iPad, you can not only leave your opponent in the dust, you can disable him with gunfire.   


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If you really miss the days of playing Asteroids at the arcade, you can relive the experience with iCade. This video game cabinet dock for the iPad has been around for a while, so you can get one relatively cheap.  It provides an old-fashioned joystick experience so you can enjoy those old games the way they were meant to be played.  


Vulkano Flow

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If you want to watch TV on your iPad no matter if you are in another room or another state, the Vulkano Flow is the accessory for you.  This neat device hooks up to your cable box and intercepts the signal, allowing you to tune in remotely.  The Flow has an IR blaster to change channels and works with most cable systems.  

Digital Adapter

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If you just want to get your iPad hooked up to your TV and don't want to spend $99 for Apple TV, the Digital AV Adapter will do the trick.  This neat adapter converts the 30-pin or Lightning port at the bottom of your iPad into an HDMI port. It also includes a USB port, so you can charge your iPad while you stream movies to your TV.  

Stylus brush

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It's one thing to have a stylus for your iPad. It's a totally different experience to have a paintbrush that works with the iPad. This fun gadget will allow you to take your iPad drawings to a new level. The dual-sided stylus provides a brush on one end and a traditional stylus on the other end, giving it the diversity needed to bring out your art. 

Piano Apprentice

Piano Apprentice 

ION makes a lot of fun music-related accessories for the iPad.  The Music Apprentice is a 25-key MIDI keyboard that can be used with any MIDI apps you have for your iPad.  But the neat part is that the keys light up, and when combined with the accompanying app, the system can teach you the basics of playing ​the piano.


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The iPad is increasingly becoming a musician's best friend. The iRig system lets you hook your guitar up to your iPad, and when combined with AmpliTube, it turns your iPad into a multi-effects package. We wouldn't exactly call the setup "stage ready", but it is great for practice around the house.  It also makes a great way to bring a multi-effects package with you without lugging around a lot of gear.


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Sure, you can hook up your guitar to the iPad, but what about skipping the middleman? The Jamstik is a MIDI guitar compatible with the iPad as well as the Mac. This 5-fret guitar is small enough to fit in a backpack, and because it uses real strings, it will feel like a real guitar while playing. The Jamstik uses infrared to detect the fret you are playing, transmitting this information as MIDI, so you don't even need to keep it in tune. Good for guitarists looking to control MIDI apps.