6 Fun Halloween Apps for Android

Decorate Your Android for Halloween

Witch with cat and cauldron

If you love Halloween, decorating in anticipation of this spooky holiday is one of the best parts of October. You buy pumpkins, make jack-o-lanterns, dust off the witches and their brooms, and bring out the ghosts. So why not get your Android device in the spirit of All Hallow's Eve? I looked around the web to find the best wallpapers, ringtones, and other eerie apps for your Android. Here are six of my favorites—all free. The links below go to the Google Play store and for extra measure, I've included the app maker so you don't get scared by malware and download a bad app(le). Seriously, always make sure you're downloading the official version of a mobile app. 

If these aren't enough, I also put together a list of some of my  favorite Halloween games for Android.

Halloween Live Wallpaper Free by Random Features, Inc.

Halloween Live Wallpaper Free by Random Features, Inc.

Give your Android smartphone ghostly wallpaper with this free app from Random Features. When your phone is sleeping, lights flicker on and off and creatures skitter across your screen. You can optionally display a countdown to Halloween every time you wake up your phone if you're super excited for the holiday; you can set its duration too. There are also two monster packs (99 cents each) that add witches, ghosts, zombies, bats, The Grim Reaper, spiders, haunted trees, cats, vultures, scarecrows, ghosts, and more. You can go into settings and choose how often you want to see these creatures, so even you can get a shock when they appear.  

Halloween Live Wallpaper Free by Aqreadd Studios

Halloween Live Wallpaper Free by Aqreadd Studios

If big grinning jack-o-lanterns are more your thing, this live wallpaper from Aqreadd Studios is up your dark alley. Above the dastardly pumpkins is a tombstone where you can either display Happy Halloween or a counter of the days to Halloween. You can also turn on sound effects and even choose which ones you want to hear, such as evil laughter, church bell, ghost, and owl. Don't worry, that doesn't mean your phone will be broadcasting creepy sounds all day: you have to double-tap your screen to hear them. The premium version (99 cents) adds orange pumpkins and more scenery and sounds.

Scary Ringtones by Aura Ringtones

Scary Ringtones

Now that you've got the visual, it's time to set the sounds. The aptly named Scary Ringtones offers a bunch of eerie and downright terrifying sound effects that you can set as your default ringtone, notification or alarm or assign to a specific contact. Ringtones include the chilling "playground," a scary laugh, whispers, screams and many more. 

Halloween Party Soundboard by dimdim games

Halloween Party Soundboard

If you're looking to play around with spooky sounds and maybe scare a friend or two, the Halloween Party Soundboard can give you some assistance. First, decide whether you want to hear the sound effects right away or on a delay up to 60 seconds—so you can scare unsuspecting friends and family, and even yourself. Next, tap on the sound effect you want to hear; each is represented by an icon, such as a devil, mummy, witch, and pumpkin-head scarecrow.

Halloween Pumpkin Carver by Jumping Bean Studios

Halloween Pumpkin Carver

Want to carve a pumpkin without getting pumpkin guts all over your hands? Try out the Halloween Pumpkin Carver, where you can create your best virtual jack-o-lantern. It takes some getting used to; some of my strokes came out thinner or thicker than expected, but you can always undo mistakes. You can turn the background light on or off (the image above shows the light off), and save and share your finished product with friends. 

Hidden Objects: Happy Haunts

Hidden Objects: Happy Haunts

Finally, get into the Halloween spirit with Hidden Objects: Happy Haunts, a puzzle game, featuring all the spooky characters you can imagine. You can choose between casual, normal, challenging, and training modes. Within each mode, you can find objects by picture, silhouette, or word. The casual level has no time limit and unlimited hints, while normal and challenging modes have time limits, fewer hints, bonus rounds, and more.