The Full List of Twitch Mod Commands

Make announcements, ban users, create polls, clear chat history, and more

If you're working on developing a popular Twitch streaming channel, it's important to add Twitch mods to your setup so that those users can keep an eye on any potentially unsavory or abusive behavior within your chatroom. It's simple to mod someone on Twitch but to get the most out of the service, you all need to know how to use mod commands to control what's going on. 

Commands For Twitch Mods

Below is a complete list of Twitch moderator commands, also known as mod commands. They work within all of Twitch, no matter what app or service you're using to connect to Twitch. Simply log in to your Twitch account and type these commands within the chatroom of the channel that you're a mod for. 

These commands will only work in Twitch channels where you're a moderator. They won't work if you're just a regular follower. 

Twitch Mod Commands List

As mentioned above, these commands will only work if you have moderator privileges on a Twitch channel. All the commands require you to start the sentence with a forward slash. For example:


Consult this list any time you're moderating to make sure you enter the right command and get the desired result. 

Command Description
announce [description] The announcement command highlights a message for everyone in the stream to see.
ban [username] The ban command permanently bans the user from the chatroom within the Twitch channel.
clear The clear command clears all previous chat history from the chat room. 
deletepoll The delete poll command deletes the current poll.
emoteonly The emote only command sets the chatroom so that only messages with 100% emotes are allowed to be posted.
emoteonlyoff The emote only off command disables emote only mode. 
endpoll The end poll command ends the current poll.
followers [minutes/hours/days/weeks/months] The followers command allows you to restrict chat to all or some of your followers. It's possible to set it from 0 minutes (to cater for all followers) up to 3 months. If you wanted only followers for 3 months to comment, you'd type in /followers 3 months or if just a couple of hours then /followers 2 hours would work.
followersoff The Followers Off command disables the followers only mode previously mentioned. 
monitor [username] The monitor command lets you monitor a user's messages.
poll The create a poll command opens a window where you can set up a poll.
requests The request command to view the channel points requests queue.
restrict [username] The restrict command makes it so that only moderators and the broadcaster can see a user's messages.
slow [seconds] The slow command sets a limit on how often users can send messages in the chat room. This can be useful if the chat is getting too fast to keep track of, or if certain users are spamming content but you don't want to use other commands.
slowoff The slowoff command disables any slow mode you've previously set for your Twitch channel chatroom.
subscribers The subscribers command sets your room so that only users subscribed to you can talk in the chat room. If they're not subscribed, they can't chat.
subscribersoff The subscribers off command switches off subscribers only chat.
timeout [username] [seconds] The timeout command allows you to temporarily ban someone from using the chat room. If you omit the seconds part of the command, it bans them for 10 minutes by default, or you can set a specific time length. 
unban [username] The unban command lifts any permanent ban placed on a user from the chat room. It can also be used to end a timeout early.
uniquechat The unique chat command disallows users from posting non-unique messages to the channel. It's a command that's best used for combatting spam so that users can't continuously post copy-pasted messages within the chatroom.
uniquechatoff The unique chat off command disables the Unique Chat filter above.
unmonitor [username] The monitor command lets you stop monitoring a user's messages.
unrestrict [username] The unrestrict command makes it so that everyone can see a user's messages.
user [username] The user command opens a user's profile card and shows any channel-specific moderation comments that may have been left by other moderators. It also shows you any ban history or timeouts that have been given to them in the past.
  • How do I change Twitch titles as a mod?

    To change a stream title on Twitch as a mod, select the sword icon in the bottom left of chat, then select the pencil icon next to the stream title.

  • How do I make someone a mod on Twitch?

    To make someone a mod on Twitch, have the user you want to make a moderator join your stream and enter the command /mod [username].

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