Fujifilm’s Latest Printer Adds Fun AR Effect to Your Photos

It also prints larger than previous models

A new Instax smartphone printer is on the way from Fujifilm, offering larger prints and a few new features compared to its predecessors.

Fujifilm's new Square Link printer builds off its Instax line with slightly larger photo prints than previous models—roughly 2.4" X 2.4" compared to 2.4" X 1.8". All while continuing to use Fujifilm Instant Colour Film so that your prints have an authentic photograph look and feel.

Augmented reality prints


The half-pound, portable printer (4.1" X 5" by 1.5") offers the same 318 dpi resolution and support for .jpeg, .png, .heif, and .dng image formats as other Instax models. What sets it apart are two key features: Instax Connect and AR Printing.

With the former, you can use the iOS or Android version of the Square Link app to quickly share images across devices. You can add visual effects or text, send your photo to a friend, and they can send the image back along with their own edits. If you're so inclined, you can also scan and print an unedited version of the photo directly through the Square Link printer.

Fujifilm Instax Square Link Smartphone printer


Another feature is AR Prints, which allow you to add augmented reality effects to your photo through the app, resulting in a special QR code printed with your image. Scanning that QR code with a phone's camera will allow you (or others) to view the photo's digital effects in real-time.

You can preorder Fujifilm's new Square Link printer (in Ash White or Midnight Green) starting today from either Jessops or Amazon.uk for £129.99 (about $150). Fujifilm says the printer will begin shipping in the UK on Wednesday, November 16. However, the company hasn't shared details about when (or if) the device will release in the US.

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