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A Review of Fuel Ion Magnetic Case Charger for iPhone, Galaxy and Note

Fuel Ion charging system lets you charge compatible smartphones quickly and wirelessly. Patriot

Smartphones have hit the big time. And by that, I mean they’ve gotten a lot bigger these days.

There once was a time, for example, when Samsung’s Galaxy Note line was considered laughably large. With even Apple jumping onto the large smartphone arena with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, however, it seems that bigger displays are here to stay.

As smartphone screens get bigger, however, so do their demands for power. For heavy smartphone users, this makes options for charging and extra juice a prized commodity. It’s a need that Patriot Fuel Ion is banking on with its magnetic charging line for the iPhone and Samsung devices such as the Galaxy S5. The system is comprised of several gadgets, including a case, charging pad, charging stand and external battery.

The case functions as a basic protective shell that comes with a magnetic connector on the back. For this review, I sampled the case for the iPhone 6, which looks quite similar to another one I reviewed recently, the BuQu Tech Power Armour. This includes the minimal protection offered by the latter, particularly on its sides. It’ll be fine if dropped on a flat surface but I wouldn’t be as confident with it if I dropped it outdoors, for example. Unlike the Power Armour, however, the Fuel Ion variant does not come with a built-in battery, which is a bit of a bummer. Instead, it features a magnetic connector at the back that allows it to dock with either the charging pad or stand made by Fuel Ion.

The add-on accessories are key for the Fuel Ion case as they are what makes it a viable option for juicing up your device. By getting either the charging pad or the dock, for example, you can magnetically attach the case and charge your phone in a jiffy. Both the pad and the dock come with a cable that connects to a standard USB port to get power. You then need to align the magnetic connectors between the case and the pad or dock and you’ve got a convenient wireless charging option for your phone. Charging is pretty quick and I was able to fully juice my iPhone within a couple of hours.

To improve your charging options on the go, you also can get a separate portable battery pack that can magnetically connect with the case, too. You can even connect it wirelessly with the charging pad or stand to power the battery up as well. For added flexibility, the Fuel Ion battery also comes with a microUSB port if you want to charge it directly. It can charge other devices as well thanks to a regular-size USB port that is built into the device.

The Fuel Ion magnetic charging system works well overall but also has a few niggles. Ensuring that the magnetic connectors are aligned properly can be a bit of a pain and I’ve had times when charging stopped because of slight movement while the case was magnetically connected. The battery also comes with a capacity of 2,100 maH, which is great for the iPhone 5 but not as good for newer phones with larger batteries. It still can charge an iPhone 6 fully but not an iPhone 6 plus or a Galaxy S6 or Note Edge. Investing in a case, portable battery and either a charging pad or stand can also add up in terms of cost.

At the same time, Fuel Ion’s magnetic charging system can be quite convenient. Once you have it set up, it’s quite nice to be able to charge your phone at night by just plopping it on sans wires. The option to charge on the road with the portable battery is welcome in a pinch as well. If you don’t mind the price and the sparse protection of the case, Fuel Ion’s magnetic charging system is worth a look.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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