How to Open, Edit, & Convert FSB Files

FSB files in Windows 10 that open with Game Extractor

A file with the FSB file extension is an FMOD Sample Bank Format file. These types of files are usually used to store sound information, like music and speech, for video games designed for popular console systems like the Xbox, PlayStation, and others.

An FSB file is created alongside an FMOD Audio Events file (.FEV) when an FMOD Project file (.FDP) is built.

If your FSB file isn't used with video games, it's probably a Form-Z Compiled Script file. This kind of FSB file stores plug-ins that have been compiled from a Form-Z Script file (.FSL). They normally come as a ZIP archive.

How to Open an FSB File

Most FSB files you encounter within a game were probably created with FMOD Designer. You can extract the sounds within an FSB file using a program like FSB Extractor or Game Extractor.

FSB Extractor downloads as a RAR file. You'll need a program like PeaZip in order to open it. Then, just select the FsbExtractor.exe file to open the tool.

If you'd rather not extract the audio data from the FSB file but instead listen to the files directly, you should be able to do that using Music Player Ex. You may need 7-Zip to open this program since at least one version of it is made available as a 7Z file.

Form-Z is the program used to open FSB files that are compiled scripts. This is most easily accomplished by copying the FSB file into the "scripts" folder of the Form-Z program's installation folder. The plug-in should be ready to use after you've restarted the program.

If you still can't open your FSB file, you might check the file extension again to be sure you aren't confusing it with an FXB, FS (Visual F# Source), or SFB (PlayStation 3 Disc Data) file.

If you find that an application on your PC does try to open the FSB file but it's the wrong application or if you would rather have another installed program open FSB files, you can change the default program for a specific file extension.