FrostWire Review

A Review of the Free Torrent Client FrostWire

FrostWire is an easy to use, free torrent client that simplifies torrent downloading and file sharing.

It's not at all hard to use FrostWire, and it supports nice features like a media player, automatic music imports into iTunes, and built-in search that spans across multiple torrent websites.

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  • Small, quick download
  • Isn't difficult to use
  • Zero advertisements
  • Can open torrent files locally and by their URL or magnet link
  • Easy to share your own files and folders
  • Supports importing multiple torrents at once
  • Can customize lots of advanced settings


  • Unable to add custom websites to the search tool
  • May try to install unnecessary programs during setup

More About FrostWire

FrostWire in Windows 7

Following is a bit more on FrostWire's features:

  • FrostWire works with Windows, macOS, Android, and Linux operating systems
  • The built-in search utility lets you search for torrents among over a dozen popular websites at once. It also lets you filter the results by website, size, file type, and number of seeds
  • When adding a torrent into FrostWire, particular files can be searched for and selected for download, which means you don't have to download all the files it contains
  • Some media files can be streamed/previewed before downloading them
  • FrostWire lets you listen to free music via hundreds of internet radio stations. You can also add your own by their stream URL
  • Any folder from your computer can be added to the Library section, which makes it really simple to create new torrents from your files
  • If enabled in FrostWire's settings, you can enable music downloads to be automatically imported into iTunes
  • Bandwidth usage can be controlled by setting a maximum and minimum upload and download speed, or they can be set to unlimited
  • WiFi sharing is supported, which means you can easily share any of your files with other FrostWire users on your network
  • FrostWire will attempt to detect if you have a VPN and firewall enabled to be sure your privacy and security is protected
  • An option is present that lets you disable seeding torrents once you've completed the download
  • Community Chat is a section of the FrostWire website that supports messaging other FrostWire users

My Thoughts on FrostWire

FrostWire has been out for years, is updated often, and has all the features a good torrent client should have. I've used it off and on for several years and have never been disappointed.

Finding the right torrent is sometimes frustrating because you're not sure where to begin your search. FrostWire actually makes this very easy because it combines together several of the more popular sites, letting you search through all of them without even opening a web browser.

I also really like the filtering tools that you're given. After you've made the initial search, you can uncheck the sites you don't want to search through, and the results will instantly change. A slider bar lets you define how large a torrent can be as well as how many seeds are present, and everything else will be removed from the results. You can also permanently filter out any keywords you never want to show up in the results, as well as all adult content. These options are even more specific than some of the torrent websites I've used.

The ability to download certain files out of a torrent without downloading the entire set of files is also a feature I really appreciate. Most torrent clients (normally online ones like ZbigZ) are limited in that they import the entire torrent at once, which can sometimes exceed the allowable limit and thus force you to look elsewhere to get the files. FrostWire surpasses these restrictions not only in the fact that it doesn't limit your downloads in any way, but also because you can download even just one file from a torrent of thousands if you so wish.

WiFi sharing is something I haven't seen in any other torrent client. This lets you very easily share your files with other users on your network. This means if you have a computer in one room enable a video file to be shared, any other computer running FrostWire from inside your house can also view that file. Enabling this is as easy as clicking the padlock icon next to the files you want to share.