Learn Why Friv Online Games Are the Best Kind of Addictive

A Popular Free Games Network With Super Easy Games

Frive homepage

Friv isn't a single website: It is a network of websites filled with free Flash-based games. The free online gaming sites offer a huge collection of frivolous free games that are easy to play. Because the site requires no sign-up, lots of people sample the Friv gaming sites and become hooked on the colorful, addictive games. Everyone can find something enjoyable in this vast collection of Flash games to pass the time.

The Appeal of Friv

Friv websites have a super simple interface, designed to make it easy for young people to explore its wide variety of games. At last count, the site claimed to have more than 1000 free games classified in categories like Action, Shoot Em Up, Sports, Puzzle, and Youngsters.

Not surprisingly, Friv websites are particularly popular with kids, teens, and young adults because the games are so easy to use. However, plenty of older people play the games too.

The games are all accessible from the home screen through a grid of tiny tiles, one for each game. You just mouse over a game tile to see the name of the game and then click on it if you want to play.

Since the games are created using the Flash programming technology, it can take a fair amount of time to load a game, and it requires a computer that has the latest version of the Adobe Flash player installed.

Friv Gaming Network

The Friv network consists of several websites including: