Learn Why Friv Online Games Are the Best Kind of Addictive

How to use the popular free casual games network

Frive homepage

Friv isn't a single website: It's a network of websites filled with hundreds of free Flash-based games. These sites offer a massive collection of free casual games that are easy to play. Because the network requires no sign-up, lots of people sample Friv gaming sites and become instantly hooked on the colorful, addictive games.

You need to download and install Adobe Flash Player before you can play games on the Friv network.

How to Play Games on Friv

If you visit Friv.com, you will be welcomed by an abundance of tiles.

As you drag the mouse over each tile, the title of the game will appear under the FRIV logo.

Each tile on the homepage represents a different game. You'll notice that your mouse cursor is much larger, but this effect will go away when it moves outside of the browser window. As you drag the mouse over each tile, the title of the game will appear under the FRIV logo. Select a tile to start playing.

When you arrive at the game's page, you may be prompted to enable Adobe Flash Player. If so, click the puzzle piece to activate it.

Click the puzzle piece to enable Adobe Flash Player if prompted.

Since the games are created using the Flash programming technology, it can take a fair amount of time to load a game, and it requires a computer that has the latest version of the Adobe Flash player installed. 

You can begin playing after the game loads.

Some games even include links to instruction manuals or walkthroughs that you can click on.

Some games include links to instructions or walkthroughs that you can click on.

Once loading is complete, you're ready to start playing.

The Appeal of Friv

While the Friv network includes educational games for small kids, all Friv games are appropriate for people of all ages to enjoy. You'll find no graphic violence or adult themes in any of the content. Nonetheless, Friv websites are also popular with older kids, teens and plenty of adults because the games provide a great way to relax after work or school.

At last count, Friv claimed to have more than 1000 free games on its network. While Friv games are obviously not Xbox or PS4 quality, some of them boast impressive artwork and level designs. The graphics and controls are generally simple, and but some titles will offer a challenge to veteran gamers.

How to Make More Games Appear on Friv

Friv websites have a super simple interface designed to make it easy for young people to explore its wide variety of games. That said, navigating Friv websites and finding specific games can be a challenge. When you find a game you like, your best bet is to bookmark the web page so that you can easily get back to it later.

On the Friv.com homepage, you can select Friv + in the lower-right corner to browse more games.

Select Friv + in the lower-right corner to browse more games.

Unfortunately, Friv.com does not have a list of all games organized by category; however, you can find such lists on other websites.

The Friv Gaming Network

The Friv network consists of several websites including:

You can find dozens of websites with ‘friv’ in the domain name, but not all of these websites are legitimate. Stick with the sites listed above to avoid malicious content.

Friv Games on Android, iPhone and iPad

Friv now has mobile games website. Just visit the site on your Android or iOS device and tap the game you wish to play.

Visit the Friv mobile games website on your Android or iOS device and tap the game you wish to play.

Since Flash games are designed to run in a laptop or desktop browser, most other Friv games are not compatible with mobile devices. Even if a game loads, you will likely be unable to play it since the games rely on keyboard controls.