Freeraser v1.0.0.23

A Full Review of Freeraser, a Free Data Destruction Software Tool

Freeraser is a simple Recycle Bin-like file shredder program that sits on your desktop. You can drag and drop things directly into it to instantly start the irreversible deletion process, which is much easier than how it works with other similar software.

Because Freeraser lets you remove every file and folder from a whole hard drive at once, and not just specific files, it also has a place on our list of free data destruction software.

This review is of Freeraser version Please let us know if there's a newer version we need to review.

More About Freeraser

Freeraser in Windows 10

Freeraser can be installed to your computer or used as a portable program. Either way it's being used, you can permanently erase particular files and folders as well as USB drives. Internal hard drives are not supported.

Removing data with Freeraser is as easy as dragging and dropping files/folders/USB drives directly onto the icon. You can also right-click it and choose one or more files from a standard browse/open window.

Freeraser gives you the following data sanitization methods to choose from:

Due of the nature of the program, Freeraser has no standard toolbars or menu items. You must right-click the program to change the settings. From there, you can change the icon size and transparency, choose to keep the program on top of all other windows, change the wipe method, and disable confirmation alerts.

Pros & Cons

Freeraser is a great little program, but it has a major disadvantage as a data destruction tool:


  • Can delete single files, whole folders, and USB drives
  • Minimal design
  • Supports drag and drop
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Small download size
  • Portable option available
  • Works with Windows 10 through Windows XP


  • Doesn't support erasing internal hard drives

My Thoughts on Freeraser

Freeraser is an awesome file shredder because it condenses itself into nothing but a single icon that rests on your desktop, making it super simple to interact with. 

If you change the transparency of Freeraser to 90 percent, modify the icon to the smallest size, and make it sit on top of all other programs, you can have access to it in a moments notice from anywhere without it taking up much screen space at all.

It's too bad you can't use Freeraser to wipe an internal drive but I do appreciate that ability to delete all the files from a USB device, probably more common than secondary and tertiary internal hard drives anyway.

To install Freeraser as a portable program, just choose that option during setup and the installer will automatically look for a suitable USB drive. If no drive is found, or you want to install it to a custom folder, extract the files from the Freeraser setup file with an unzip utility like 7-Zip, and then run Freeraser.exe.