FreedomPop's Wireless Internet Service

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We all want to stay connected to the internet wherever we go, but mobile data can be expensive. FreedomPop is a service that can solve those problems. The service promises "100% free high-speed internet" on any device (including laptops, iPhones, iPod Touches), with no data caps, throttled speeds, or other gimmicks. There are even no contracts and the service is for fast 4G speeds.

The biggest catch is that the free data is limited to 500MB every month. That's sufficient for accessing thousands of emails and web pages every month, but more intense usage like streaming videos could put you over. The service runs over Sprint's network, so you'll also need Sprint coverage in your area. FreedomPop offers several devices and plans where you can increase the data amount on a per MB or per GB basis.

Freedom Sleeve for iPod Touch

The Freedom Sleeve for the iPod Touch essentially turns the MP3 player into an iPhone, with the ability to use 4G wireless internet and also make calls. The case also lets you stream video and use Skype and FaceTme. In addition, the case can turn the iPod Touch into a Wi-Fi hotspot, sharing internet access with up to 8 other devices.

For the iPod Touch, 500MB is guaranteed free every month, and you can get up to 1GB free for referring friends or buy additional data.

Freedom Sleeve for iPhone 4/4S

Like the Freedom Sleeve for iPod Touches, this case for the iPhone 4/4S offers 500MB of free 4G mobile internet, and you can get up to 1GB for referring friends or add more data for a cost. One unique feature of the iPhone case is it also extends the iPhone's battery life up to 6 hours, making the case even more attractive. If you have a limited data plan, the Freedom Sleeve can come in useful to augment your current service.

Freedom Stick - Bolt for Laptops

This broadband modem plugs into a PC or Mac USB port for plug-and-play 4G wireless internet. The free 500MB plan is good for casual web browsing and email checking. FreedomPop also offers two upgraded packages.

The company says these upgraded packages are over 30% to 50% less than similar Verizon plans. To get the Freedom Stick, you'll need to put in a refundable security deposit.

Freedom Spot - Photon for Multiple Devices

This mobile hotspot shares internet access with up to 8 devices at once. So you can connect your laptop, Wi-Fi only iPad or other tablet, smartphones, and other Wi-Fi devices to the hotspot. It has a rated battery life of over 6 hours too.

The plan is the same as the Freedom Stick: 500MB free, which could be eaten up really fast if you use this mobile hotspot with many devices, or upgraded 2GB and 4GB plans. This hotspot requires a refundable security deposit.