How to Get a Free Zoho Mail Account

Zoho Mail Sign-Up Page
Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

At Zoho Mail, you can create an ad-free email account for free.

Zoho Mail is great for business. Want to use the professionals' tools at home, too?

While the business email at Zoho comes with all the tools for managing communication and information in a group setting, Zoho Mail personal comes with an email address at the domain. To create such an address (and the fully functional Zoho Mail account with unlimited online message storage with it), all you need is an existing email address so you can be reached when your password is lost, for instance.

Get a Free Zoho Mail Account

To set up a free personal Zoho Mail account with a address:

  1. Visit the Free Personal Zoho Mail Sign Up page.
  2. Make sure Personal Email is selected under Get started with ad-free email.
  3. Type the desired user name (what comes before in your email address) over Email id you wish to have.
  4. Enter your desired Zoho Mail password over Password.
    • A good email password is reasonably easy to remember, of course, and sufficiently hard to guess.
  5. Type your first and last name, respectively, over First Name and Last Name.
    • You need not use your real name here. 
  6. Now enter a phone number where you can receive SMS messages over both Mobile phone and Re-enter your Mobile phone.
  7. Click SIGN UP FOR FREE.
  8. Enter the verification code received by SMS over Verification Code under Enter verification code.
  9. Click Verify Code.