How to Get Free Xbox Gift Cards with Microsoft Points

Xbox Live Rewards and Bing Rewards make it easy

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Microsoft shifted away from Microsoft Points in 2013 in favor of real currency for its digital Xbox games and gift cards. That means you can buy Xbox gift cards in the money denominations you want, rather than calculating how many points something is. But, points didn't completely go away. We've compiled tips on how to rack them up in two different Microsoft awards programs.

We're not talking about taking advantage of those free point giveaways that pop up now and then. You know, the kind that just asks you to register and they email you a code for 100 MSP, then you use multiple emails to score a ton of free points. That's kind of shady and not what we're after.

What we are talking about is using Xbox Live Rewards and Bing Rewards, two official Microsoft programs offering free points for very little effort on your part.

What Are Microsoft Points/Xbox Gift Cards?

Xbox Gift Cards work on Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and since your Xbox Live profile and Gamertag are the same on both, funds in your account apply to both systems.

Microsoft Points are the currency that fuels Xbox Live. There are other (legal) ways to earn MS points for free. If you're patient, you can earn a fair amount of them pretty easily.

We recommend buying points cards in stores rather than using your credit card on your Xbox. It t will save you a lot of trouble if you get hacked or have other security issues.

Xbox Live Rewards

All you have to do to earn Microsoft Points on your Xbox console is register your Gamertag with Xbox Live Rewards. You'll log in with the same name and password you use for or Xbox Live, and you'll earn points for renewing Xbox Live Gold subscriptions and other things, like playing games or exploring apps like Mixer.

New users are also rewarded when making their first Xbox Live Marketplace purchase or when they start using Netflix. Depending on your Gamerscore (75k and up), you can also earn up to 10% back on every purchase you make. Lower Gamerscores get a lower percentage. 

Bing Rewards

Bing Rewards is a program where you earn rewards by using Bing search. You can register on the Bing Rewards homepage. Once you're a member, you earn Bing Credits for doing searches using Bing or for clicking on specially marked Rewards links.

Generally, you earn only about 13 credits per day, but there are extra bonuses now and then that let you get more. A 100 point Microsoft Point code costs 125 Bing Credits. So, you can earn 100 MSP in roughly 10 days.

Again, like Xbox Live Rewards, it doesn't sound like a lot, but you don't have to put any effort into it. You just search for things on the internet like you normally do and earn free stuff—there isn't really a downside here.

The downside is that it does require you to use Bing instead of Google if you prefer that search engine.

You can also use your Bing Rewards Credits on other things like Xbox Live subscriptions, gift cards for Amazon and other retailers, and more.

Enter Xbox 360 Dashboard Contests

Another way to earn free stuff is to actually enter the contests and promotions that pop up all the time on the Xbox dashboard. You know what I'm talking about—the promotions for cars, Doritos chips, Wendy's, Taco Bell, and whatever else. Usually, you just have to download a free gamerpic to enter.

You can actually win and, again, there is no downside to trying. Spend a second or two downloading a tiny gamerpic you're entered into the contest. Since these are contests and are up to chance, you aren't guaranteed to win anything. But, for no effort, you definitely can win something, and that is better than nothing.

Free stuff for doing nothing is awesome.

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