12 Best Sites for Free Word Templates

Thousands of free Word template downloads

You'll find thousands of free Word templates below that will help you create a professional looking document in no time. You'll simply bring the free template into Microsoft Word and then make your changes before printing.

Free Word templates are Word documents that have already been set up with basic information and formatting styles allowing you to create resumes, receipts, business cards, brochures, pamphlets, calendars, invitations, and more.

These free Word templates can be used in Microsoft Word of course, but they may also work in a free downloadable word processor or a free online word processor.

Many of these free word templates come in DOC or DOCX file types but some also come as ZIP files. You can use a free file extractor to open up these files.

Microsoft’s Free Word Templates

Microsoft Logo
© Microsoft

You can find tons of free Word templates from Microsoft's own website.

Templates are available in over 35 categories, like business cards, letters, resumes, invitations, calendars, receipts, memos, contracts, and projects.

You can also look through a list of templates marked as creative as well as a group of newly added templates.

Each download page has a rating of the template and an image of what it looks like.

OfficialTemplates.org's Free Word Templates

Official Templates Logo
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There's a handful of useful free Word templates at OfficialTemplates.org.

Some of them include a loan and property contract template as well as a wedding announcement and household chore list template.

The download page for each template gives you guidelines for using it and describes why you may want that particular type of Word template.

Downloads are in the ZIP format.

Free Word Templates With Designzzz

Designzzz - Free Word Templates
© Designzzz

Designzzz lists tons of free Word templates that are suitable for building a resume.

You can find templates with unique background colors, some with images, and others that are very simple and plain.

The templates listed here are linked to external websites, so the description and download method will vary among the sources.

Free Word Templates at WordTemplates.org

WordTemplates.org - Free Word Templates
© Microsoft Word Templates

Some of the templates at WordTemplates.org include ones for party invitations, postcards, envelopes, newsletters, and proposals.

Instead of browsing through categories, you can also clearly see the 10 most recently added Word templates.

Each template has a preview screenshot so you know what it looks like before starting the download, and some include additional information about using the template.

WordTemplatesOnline.com's Free Word Templates

WordTemplatesOnline.com Logo
© Microsoft Word Templates

WordTemplatesOnline.com's free Word templates are downloadable as ZIP files under categories such as business, budget, funeral, invitation, analysis, flyer, agreement, planner, log, and poster.

You can subscribe for email or RSS updates as well as browse the list of most recently added templates to stay up to date with new releases.

Some Word templates have multiple screenshots available from their download page so you know exactly what the template looks like before downloading it. There's also information regarding the template, like what's included and good ways to use it.

Free Word Templates at WordTemplates4U.org

WordTemplates4U.org - Free Word Templates
© WordTemplates4U.org

There are many different types of free Word templates available from WordTemplates4U.org.

You can view recently added templates or browse through categorized lists to find templates for application forms and brochures, certificates, faxes, menus, newsletters, posters, and tickets.

There's plenty of information about the purpose of each template, screenshots of what it looks like, and sometimes even tips on how to use the template.

Templates from WordTemplates4U.org are downloaded as archive files in the ZIP format.

Dotxes Free Word Templates

Screenshot of the Dotxes logo
© Dotxes

Dotxes' Microsoft Word templates look professional and are completely free to download and use. Each download page has a preview of the template along with a description of what it might be used for.

Some of the categories you can find at Dotxes include Agenda, Invoices, Memos, Certificates, Lists, Receipts, and Letterhead templates. You can also browse by tag, such as Card Templates, Gift Templates, Home Templates, and Purchase Order Templates.

A list of recent and popular templates give you a nice way to find new templates you may haven't used before. There's also RSS feeds you can subscribe to over email to get notified when new templates are posted to the website.

You must add templates from Dotxes to your shopping cart and enter your name and email address to get the download links sent to your email.

There are also Excel templates mixed in with the Word templates, so some categories may include only Excel templates. Also, some templates may not work correctly unless you install free fonts from the Dotxes Download Fonts page.

Free Word Templates at CalendarLabs

CalendarLabs Logo
© CalendarLabs

CalendarLabs has several free Word templates in the form of calendars.

All the calendars are formatted in a one month template and can be downloaded as portrait or landscape. You can also customize the month, year, country, and paper size as well as what day the week starts on and whether or not to include holidays.

An image of the Word template is shown so you know what you're downloading.

Brainy Betty’s Free Word Templates

Brainy Betty
© Brainy Betty, Inc.

Brainy Betty hosts free Word templates for home use, business users, and teachers.

Some of the free templates files can be used for field trip permission slips, email newsletters, chore charts, multiple choice tests, sales invoices, and a syllabus.

There are no preview images for the Word templates at Brainy Betty and they are downloaded as ZIP archives.

Template Bowl's Free Word Templates

Template Bowl - Free Word Templates
© Template Bowl

Template Bowl has free Word templates to create brochures, postcards, flyers, and business cards.

Specific templates are available below the above categories, like food brochures, corporate business cards, and floral postcards.

You're required to enter your name and email address for every template you wish to download so a link can be sent to you.

WinCalendar’s Free Word Templates

WinCalendar - Free Word Templates
© Sapro Systems

There are tons of downloadable calendars available as free Word templates from WinCalendar.

You can choose any month to download, from 2013 through 2016, with or without holidays, and in landscape or portrait mode.

Alternatively, you can download a whole year at once, which places each month on top of the other.

Free Word Templates at CalendarsThatWork.com

Calendars That Work
© Calendars That Work Inc.

CalendarsThatWork.com has several unique Word templates that can be used as calendars.

Some of the templates make room for making notes, others are built for a clean interface, and some give you the option to add a custom image to the top of the calendar.

You can see a screenshot of each Word template before you download it.

Not all of the templates at CalendarsThatWork.com are free. The ones that say "Get Your Calendar" on the download page can be taken for free, without a membership.