Free Windows Password Recovery Software Comparison

Comparison of free Windows password recovery and reset programs

It seems that every free Windows password recovery programs has a reason it's perfect for one person and the worst choice for another.

So by popular demand, below is a comparison between the best free password recovery/reset programs (usually called "password cracker" tools) available for Windows passwords.

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Comparison of Free Windows Password Recovery and Reset Software

Feature Comparison Table
OS Support Ophcrack ONTP&RE C&A LCP
Windows 10 [32-bit]   Y    
Windows 10 [64-bit]   Y    
Windows 8 [32-bit] Y Y    
Windows 8 [64-bit] Y Y    
Windows 7 [32-bit] Y Y    
Windows 7 [64-bit] Y Y    
Windows Vista [32-bit] Y Y    
Windows Vista [64-bit] Y Y    
Windows XP Y Y Y Y
Feature Ophcrack ONTP&RE C&A LCP
Recovers Actual Password Y   Y Y
Resets/Clears/Deletes Password   Y    
Causes Encrypted File Loss1   Y    
Relatively Fast Process   Y    
Open Source Y      
Bootable (No Installation) Y Y    
Installs as Windows Program     Y Y
Needs Access to Another Account     Y Y
Graphical Interface Y   Y Y
Command-Line Interface Y Y    
Cracks Any Password   Y    
Cracks Small & Simple Passwords Y   Y Y
Mostly Automated Process Y      
Cracks Passwords Remotely        

[1] All password "reset" programs will prevent future access to EFS encrypted files. The only way around this is to use a program that actually recovers the password.