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Free WiFi analyzers & network scanning apps

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These free WiFi apps will help you scan to find open networks around you, or to analyze your own WiFi network to keep track of devices connected to it and how secure your network appears to others.

The free WiFi analyzer apps analyzes any WiFi network and will tell you the devices connect to it, the strength of the channel, the IP address, and open ports. It's really a must have when you're checking out your own WiFi network to see how secure it is.

There are also free WiFi scanners here that will help you identify networks around you, telling you if they're open or closed as well as the strength. 

You'll also want to find free WiFi locations so you can get online cheap, whether it be through your ISP, at a near location, or to locate public WiFi hotspots.

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Fing Network Tools (Desktop & Mobile)

Screenshot of the Fing iOS app

Fingbox is my favorite free WiFi app because it provides very useful information for wireless networks but isn't at all hard to use.

When Fingbox is first opened, the app will automatically scan the network you're on to find all the different devices that are connected to it. Their IP address, physical MAC address, and hostname are shown and can be easily shared and saved.

Clicking or tapping on a device shows even more information, such as its vendor, open service ports (RDP, HTTP, POP3, etc.) and ping response, as well as the ability to wake it up if Wake On LAN is supported.

Fingbox can be downloaded for iOS, Android, and Kindle mobile devices, as well as Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.

Screenshot of Wifi Analyzer on Android
Wifi Analyzer Android App.

Wifi Analyzer is a free WiFi app for Android. It gives a visual understanding of the channel and signal strength of nearby wireless networks.

The view can be changed from the channel graph view that you see in this picture to a time graph for more of a timeline view. There's also a channel rating view that gives recommended channels to change the network to for less interference with the other wireless networks nearby.

Lots of advanced settings are available that let you change the scan interval and graph colors, as well as whether to turn on WiFi automatically when the app is launched, among other options.

Also included in Wifi Analyzer is a LAN neighbors feature, which lists all the devices that are connected to the same network you're on.

Screenshot of WiFi Manager on Android
WiFi Manager Android App.

WiFi Manager is another free WiFi app for Android devices. Everything in it is easy to access and isn't confusing to use.

The main function of WiFi Manager is to show all the wireless networks around you and how they compare with one another in regards to signal strength and the channel that they're on, which is a common feature for these mobile apps. But it also can play a sound and/or vibrate when it detects an open, unsecured network.

What sets WiFi Manager apart and makes me like it more than some of its competitors is that the Radar screen you see in this picture really simplifies things for you. The greater the oval, the greater the signal strength. It's very easy to visualize when you look at the networks in this way.

Also, because some WiFi networks are on the same channel as nearby ones, you can see this represented by overlapping ovals. If you're experiencing signal issues, it's possible that a nearby network is on your same channel; changing yours to an unused channel may show to be helpful.

WiFi Manager also comes with a widget that you can place on your homescreen to quickly toggle the connection on or off and see the SSID of the network you're on, the signal strength, and your local IP address.

Screenshot of the Network Analyzer Lite iPhone app
Network Analyzer Lite iPhone App.

This free WiFi app for iOS devices shows you everything you could want to know about the WiFi and cellular network you're connected to.

The SSID, BSSID, vendor, IP address, and subnet mask are shown for the WiFi network you're on, and the IP address, carrier name, country code, and MMC/MNS are given if you're connected to a cellular network. Copying is supported so you can save this information elsewhere.

Network Analyzer Lite also has a LAN tool that scans the WiFi network to show you which other devices are using the same network. A ping utility is available too.

Network Analyzer Pro in the non-free version of this WiFi app that removes the ads and includes other features like a speed test and port scanner.

Screenshot of WiFi Connection Manager on Android
WiFi Connection Manager Android App.

WiFi Connection Manager is a free WiFi app for Android that combines network tools with scanning tools to provide a full-featured network scanning utility.

Following are some of the network tools you can use with this app: ping, LAN scan, IP location, Whois, public IP, nslookup, and Wake-On-LAN. 

WiFi Connection Manager also shows all the available WiFi networks around you, including their MAC address, signal strength, channel, SSID, vendor, and security.  The networks can be filtered to show certain security types like WEP, WPA, or unsecured.

You can also view nearby networks in the Spectrum screen of the app, which shows them on a graph for a visual look.

Troubleshooting tools and a hotspot utility are are also included in WiFi Connection Manager.

Picture of Angry IP Scanner in Windows 8
Angry IP Scanner.

Angry IP Scanner is another free WiFi app that simplifies network scanning. It's portable so it can run from a flash drive or other temporary location, and can be used on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

This program is useful if you need to find every device connected to your network, as you make a scan between any two IP addresses. It even automatically determines which addresses to scan based on the default gateway's address.​

In addition to identifying a device's IP, ping response, hostname, and open ports, the settings in Angry IP Scanner let you toggle on other fetchers to see details like NetBIOS info, the MAC address, and the MAC vendor.

Advanced settings let you change the ping method and timeout, define which ports should be scanned, and eliminate all devices from the results list that either doesn't respond to a ping or have no open ports.

You can copy all the details of any device to the clipboard as well as export some or all of the results to a TXT, CSV, XML, or LST file.

Screenshot of Acrylic Wi-Fi Home in Windows 8
Acrylic WiFi Home.

Acrylic WiFi is another desktop WiFi app that works on Windows computers. It displays lots of information on the wireless networks in range.

You can see each network's SSID, MAC address, connection strength, network security, and vendor. Each router's channel is also shown so that you can adjust the channel your own router uses if there seems to be interference between them.

A color-coded live graph shows the signal strength of each WiFi network so you can get a visual understanding of the best networks to connect to.

You can right-click any network and save all of its information to the clipboard.

Some features like packet sniffing integration, professional usage, and WiFi reports are only available in Acrylic WiFi Professional.​

Screenshot of SoftPerfect Network Scanner in Windows 8
SoftPerfect Network Scanner.

SoftPerfect Network Scanner is full of basic networking features like finding the ping response of every device on the network, plus their hostname, IP address, and MAC address, but there's much more this app is capable of.

It the proper credentials exist and the devices support the features, you can also find use in the Wake-On-LAN, remote shutdown, hidden shares, remote registry, remote services, remote performance, and remote PowerShell features.

All results can be copied individually plus exported to an XML, TXT, HTM, CSV, or JSON file.

This WiFi scanner has a bunch of buttons that make it seem confusing, but you can see what each one means if you hover your mouse over them or just click to open them.

Windows is the only operating system this WiFi app can run on.

Note: SoftPerfect Network Scanner downloads in a ZIP file, but in it are two folders. Read this if you're not sure whether to use the program in the 32-bit or 64-bit folder.