A List of the Internet's Best Free Webinar Software and Tools

Apps and Services for Free Webinars

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If you are just starting a business or are venturing into organizing webinars, you probably should try a free product first before investing in professional webinar software and tools. Bear in mind that free services and tools come with some limitations. In webinars, the limitation is usually the number of attendees you can have in a meeting. The free software telephone (softphone) services listed here enable telephone calls from computers. 

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In a webinar, your computer is your audience
In a webinar, your computer is your audience. Fuse / Corbis / GettyImages

Ekiga is an open-source​ Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) softphone app that includes the functionalities of a voice softphone, video conferencing tool, and instant messaging tool. It is available for Windows and Linux and is completely free and simple to use. Though it does not come with a ton of features, it offers user-friendliness and seamless Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) communication for Windows and Linux users. More »

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This sleek and simple tool has a feature that is useful for meetings—screen sharing. It also offers the possibility of file sharing and access using mobile phones running iOS and Android. The free version of JoinMe is limited to three meeting participants. The company offers paid plans with extended features if you decide it is the plan for you. More »

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Mikogo has three plans, one of which is free. However, the free plan accommodates only one user and one participant per session. The company offers a 14-day free trial of its paid Professional service, which accommodates 25 attendees per webinar. Mikogo's Premier Business Account is available for a custom number of users in your company to organize webinars and a custom number of participants.  More »

Apache OpenMeetings is free open-source software that allows you to easily set up conference calls, using either voice or video. There is no limitation on the usage or on the number of persons participating in a meeting. It offers the possibility to share your desktop, share documents on a whiteboard, and record the meetings. It requires you to download and install a small package on your server before using the service. More »

MeetingBurner offers a free plan and two paid plans. The free version is for live meetings for up to 10 attendees. Main features include screen sharing, mobile attendee support, streaming video of the host, and registration. More »

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