5 Best Virtual Pet Websites

Adopt a virtual pet for free, earn in-game rewards, and more

Digital monster was a classic virtual pet

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A virtual pet game is a great way to pass time and to entertain children. Kids all over the world enjoy adopting pets that require virtual care: food, walks, grooming, play, etc.

Below are our picks for the best virtual pet worlds where you can play with a digital animal of your choosing, customize them to your liking, and care for them as if they were really in front of you.

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Moshi Monsters

Moshi Monsters virtual pet game
What We Like
  • Appealing design for younger players.

  • Straightforward approach to on-site games.

What We Don't Like
  • Requires Adobe Flash.

  • In-game upsells.

  • Requires a parent's email address.

Adopt a cute little monster at Moshi Monster, and the more you take care of it and play with it, the more personality the virtual pet gets. As you play games and complete puzzles, you can earn the in-game currency called Rox.

Level-up your Monster, collect rare Moshlings, care for a garden of flowers, and more. Just be sure to not forget your pet's mood and health.

As with many other online virtual pet games, there's an option to pay for Moshi Monsters to access exclusive features, areas, games, and more Rox.

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Furry Paws

Furry Paws virtual pet game
What We Like
  • Focuses only on dogs.

  • Lots of real-world things to do.

  • Tons of breeds to choose from.

What We Don't Like
  • There are ads throughout the site (though they're not too intrusive).

There are only dogs in this virtual pet game, but it's pretty life-like because you get virtual money to spend on accessories, grooming, toys, and more. Every time you play a game or log in, you can get more money!

This virtual pet site has an entire market where you can order supplies much like you can in the real world, but they're all for your virtual dog. There's also a junkyard and mall, and unlockables (like a chat room) that you can get after completing levels.

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Neopets virtual pet game
What We Like
  • Long-established virtual pet community.

  • Many players make for a more vibrant ecosystem.

What We Don't Like
  • Antiquated site design with ad-heavy content.

  • Requires Adobe Flash, a known security risk.

  • User accounts require an email address.

Neopets has been around since 1997 and is still one of the most popular virtual pet sites on the web.

There are virtual pet games like Kacheek, Acara, Gelert, and Lupe, as well as other popular games including Assignment 53, Pterattack, Lost City Lanes, Pakiko, and Kreludor Caves.

This virtual pet site has virtual stores and a great Neopets community to get involved in as well.

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Webkinz virtual pet game
What We Like
  • Plenty of options for Webkinz characters.

  • Good focus on education.

What We Don't Like
  • Adobe Flash is necessary.

  • Poorly designed site that encourages upsells.

Adopt a virtual pet at Webkinz or create a new virtual pet based on a real-life Webkinz stuffed animal toy.

This virtual pet site lets you care for your virtual pet, design their own room, play games, earn KinzCash, and go shopping to dress up your Webkinz. Explore towns, parks, and other exotic locales. Many of the games on this virtual pet site are designed to educate and promote creativity in young players. 

There are also deluxe paid membership levels that grant monthly virtual cash bonuses and exclusive items.

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virtual pet at Howrse
What We Like
  • Awesome graphics.

  • Very thorough for invested players.

What We Don't Like
  • Not your typical virtual pet game; takes a while to get going.

If you like specialized virtual pet games where only one type of animal is involved, you might enjoy Howrse. You can use your horse to compete, monitor its energy and health levels, trade, and more.

This virtual pet game is super involved, so you won't start playing right away. However, you have to appreciate the space surrounding the game; there's an active community of players, a forum, events to follow, and more.