8 Best Free Typing Tests to Test Your Speed and Accuracy

The Best Free Online Typing Tests

A free typing test is a great tool to help you find out how fast and accurate you can type. Having this information is useful to let you know where you're at and what typing goals you need to be working on.

Each typing test works a little differently, so be sure to read all the directions before you start. It's important to know how you start the test and how long it will last.

At the conclusion of each test, you'll be given your WPM (words per minute). This score tells you how many words on average you can type each minute. You'll also be given your accuracy score as either a number or a percentage. The accuracy score reflects how many errors you had.

If you're looking to really focus on testing your speed, these typing speed tests will help test you and help increase your WPM. If you're just learning how to type, or even just need a warm-up for the tests, free online typing games are a fun and easy way to do that.

You can get the most accurate score by warming up beforehand and choosing a long block of text for the test.

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Free Typing Test at TypingTest.com

TypingTest.com 3 minute test
What We Like
  • Shows how you compare with other people.

  • Lets you pick the test duration.

  • Available in several languages.

  • Provides a handful of tests to choose from.

What We Don't Like
  • Can't test you on custom word sets.

  • Lots of website ads.

The test's user interface makes it our favorite. The screen is easy to see, the ads aren't distracting, and you can with a quick glance see how much time you have left and the errors you've made.

You can choose to time the test for 1-10 minutes, and there are several sample texts from which you can take the test. The test won't start until you begin typing.

There's also a general benchmark test you can take to see how you compare to the average user.

When finished, it shows your typing speed and accuracy, and uses those numbs to calculate your WPM. You can also see your tricky keys to know what you should focus on next time.

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Typing Test at FreeTypingGame.net

Freetypinggame.net typing test
What We Like
  • Lets you customize how the test works.

  • Provides a way to compete with others.

  • Several timer options.

  • Lots of tests to choose from.

What We Don't Like
  • Harsher scoring than similar tests.

FreeTypingGame.net has 40 blocks of text you can choose from, ranging from easy to difficult and from 1-5 minutes long. This means even the beginner typist can get an accurate WPM reading on the skill level they're currently at.

You can choose before the test begins to force two spaces after periods and/or to allow backspacing.

An example of an easier test is one that just quizzes you on the home row keys, while some more difficult typing tests have you enter German and French words.

Mistakes are highlighted in red, and only the time left and WPM is shown during the test. When finished, you have the option to submit your score to the scoreboard.

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TypeRacer's Free Typing Test

Typeracer keyboarding game
What We Like
  • Integrates the test into a game.

  • It's fast-paced.

  • Shows your speed compared to other players.

What We Don't Like
  • Has too many pop-ups that can be distracting.

  • Doesn't let you customize the test.

  • Must correct mistakes.

TypeRacer is a fun way to take an online typing test because you are racing other typists while you're tracking your WPM. You can race random people, invite people you know to a private typing race, or practice alone.

When the race is over, you'll get a total speed reading and accuracy percentage, and it will tell you how long it took you to complete the test.

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Key Hero's Typing Test

KeyHero typing test
What We Like
  • It's easy to keep starting new tests.

  • Every test has different text.

  • Works in many languages.

What We Don't Like
  • Forces you to correct mistakes.

Your speed and accuracy are calculated while you're taking the free typing test at Key Hero. Over a dozen languages are supported, but you can't choose what text to type—it's a random block of sentences.

The disadvantage of this typing test is that you're forced to go back and correct mistakes before you can move on with the rest of the test.

You can register for a free account if you want to keep track of your past scores.

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Free Typing Test at TyprX

TyprX online typing racing game
What We Like
  • Lets you compete privately with anyone.

  • Shows how you rank against other testers.

What We Don't Like
  • You don't get to choose the sample text.

This free typing test is also presented in a race format, but you can alternatively practice alone or create your own private race so you can compete with your friends.

As you take the test, your WPM and progress along the finish line are shown in real time.

On the TyprX website is a list of today's best typing scores out of everyone who took a test, as well as the last several results of your own typing tests.

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PowerTyping's Online Typing Test

Powertyping online typing test
What We Like
  • Tests are of varying lengths.

  • Lets you submit your score to compete with others.

What We Don't Like
  • You have to correct mistakes.

  • Typing box gets cluttered as you type.

There are over 20 blocks of text you can choose from when you take this typing test at PowerTyping, and over 50 languages are supported.

This is a straightforward typing test that will give you a speed, accuracy reading, mistakes per minute, and some other stats when you're finished.

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10FastFingers' Free Typing Test

10FastFingers typing test
What We Like
  • Uses different words than most typing tests.

  • The interface is really clean and easy to use.

  • Supports custom words.

  • Works with dozens of languages.

  • It's easy to share your results with others.

What We Don't Like
  • Can't change the test duration for some tests.

  • Lots of ads.

The free typing test at 10FastFingers will most likely give you the most accurate reading because it uses random words instead of sentences during the test. And the interface just shows the countdown, so you won't get distracted with stats as you type.

This test uses the top 200 words and tests you for one minute. After you complete 10 of these tests, you can even take an advanced 1,000-word typing test.

At the end, you'll be able to see your WPM, the number of keystrokes you got right versus wrong, and the number of correct and wrong words. It also will tell you how you rank with other 10FastFingers users over the past 24 hours.

You can compete with other people by joining a random game in progress or by making your own game.

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Speed Typing Online's Free Typing Test

Typing speed test example
What We Like
  • Simple design.

  • Includes well-known sample text.

  • Provides two test views.

  • Lots of post-test stats.

  • Provides a link to share your results.

What We Don't Like
  • Can't change the language.

The Speed Typing Online test gives you several different things to write, or you can enter your own custom text if you want to test your speed on something unique.

We like this site because you can see the text you're about to type and because the errors are marked in red but you aren't prevented from typing—you can just backspace if you want to correct them.

The test time can be changed from 30 seconds up to 20 minutes. Even the keyboard layout can be altered.

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