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Put on your business-owner hat. Tycoon games put you in charge of managing a business to success. We have free tycoon games you can download and play online.

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'Railroad Tycoon'

"Railroad Tycoon" is a game of railroad systems and connecting to run as efficiently as possible while making your empire a ton of money. Many gamers feel that none of the other games in the series has been as good as the original.

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'Fish Tycoon'

In this game, your job is to find the magical fish by breeding fish. You'll find yourself checking to see if your baby fish have grown and what new hybrid breeds you have created. Money is earned by setting a price and selling fish. You'll need the cash to buy fish eggs and tank improvements. If we could only have one fish game, this would be the one.

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'Coffee Tycoon'

Buy supplies and sell coffee to caffeine-addicted customers. It's an easy game to pick up and play. It's a good game to have during times when you can only play a little at a time.

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'Baseball Mogul 2006'

So maybe it doesn't have the world tycoon in the title. It still has the same concept. Sports Mogul released an older version of "Baseball Mogul" as an introduction to the series. You are in complete charge of a professional baseball team. The ticket prices, trades, lineup, defensive strategies, and minor league players.

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'Grand Prix Tycoon'

"Grand Prix Tycoon" is not a serious tycoon game. The online game has you choosing upgrades, driver, and cheerleaders. Races and pit stops are completed by quickly pushing the letter button shown.

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'Racehorse Tycoon'

Head down to the race track with your choice of trainer and horse. Buy transportation, horse feed, and boarding for your horse. Bets can be made for your horse or another horse. Lots of money can be made this way. It's fun, quick to learn, plus you can save your games.

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