Free Twitter Apps for iPhone

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Are you unsatisfied with the official Twitter mobile app? Or maybe just curious to see what other options are out there?

There's so much to look at and so much to do on Twitter, so depending on how you like to use it, the current app may be more of a hassle than a help. If you're an iPhone user, consider checking out some of the following free Twitter client apps available from third-party developers.


Twitterrific has been around for a long time and is constantly being updated to be among the best Twitter client options out there for mobile devices. It has some really slick features that the native Twitter app doesn't offer.

With Twitterrific, you can easily track your likes, retweets, new followers and quotes. Tweets are color-coded and images appear larger while gesture-based functionality and light/dark themes make Twitter easier and more fun to use than ever before.


Echofon claims to be the only free mobile Twitter client for iPhone and iPad that offers both push notifications and inline image previews. The app has been built for speed, so if you follow a ton of users or just consider yourself a Twitter power user, this is a great app to try out.

You can even personalize the app by choosing one of six different themes and integrate your account with any "read it later" services you may use, like Instapaper or Pocket.


UberSocial is a powerful Twitter client that brings all sorts of cool features to Twitter you won't see in the native app or any of the other apps on this list. For example, the UberBar is a movable bar that gives you access to all your options, which you can hide whenever you want to make more room on your screen.

There's also an advanced tweet composer that offers you helpful shortcuts, a built-in emoticon functionality and Facebook sharing integration. 


HootSuite is by far one of the most popular social media management solutions out there not just for Twitter, but for all sorts of other social platforms too. If you love cross-posting your tweets to profiles on other social networks, HootSuite will be a lifesaver.

What's really special about HootSuite is that you can also schedule your tweets right from within the app too, so you can spread your tweets out over the day or week to save yourself a lot of time.


Crowdfire is an app with a focus on growing and managing your followers on both Twitter and Instagram. It may not be an all-in-one solution for Twitter like some of the others on this list, but if you're serious about gaining new followers and leaving the ones who unfollow you behind, then this is a great app to help to do just that.

You can see who doesn't follow you back and find out which followers you haven't followed back yet. There's also a very powerful "copy followers" feature which will help you identify new users who are likely to follow you (based on who already follows you).


If you're more interested in super fast streaming and search, Falcon is the Twitter app you need. The streams automatically update in real time, and you can track all the latest hot trends so you never miss a thing.

You can use the hashtag search engine to keep up with conversations that are happening in the current moment and view popular tweets as they roll right in.


Janetter is a great Twitter option if you use multiple accounts and want to bookmark multiple timelines. This means you never need to switch accounts to check for new tweets from each account's respectable timeline.

When you're finished looking at any particular timeline, just swipe right to close it. You can also use the app to hide tweets containing specific keywords, from specific users or from specific apps.


Flyte is another mobile Twitter client for iPhone that emphasizes fast functionality, beautiful design and powerful features that make tweeting and interacting a total breeze. This particular app even supports the Apple Watch.

The big downside to this one is that the developers are no longer supporting it, leaving a note on their app page asking users to download and use it at their own discretion.


Listomatic is the Twitter app you'll be wanting to use if you use Twitter lists to organize and keep track of users you're following. The app actually works by adding to your lists based on who you're already following.

You can edit and update your lists directly through the app with ease and view the feeds of any list automatically in Twitter or Tweetbot.