9 Free Tools to Help You Create a Mobile Website

Creating a mobile version of your Website may sound an extremely difficult task to accomplish. However, in actuality, this need not be the case at all. You have today, ready-made tools available to help you create your mobile Website in a matter of minutes. While many of these tools are available for a nominal fee, there are also those which can be used absolutely free of cost. Yet others offer you the option of going for a free basic package.

Why it is Necessary to Create a Mobile Website for Your Business

In this post, we bring you the 9 best free tools to help you create your mobile Website, in alphabetical order.

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Google Mobile Optimizer changes your regular Website into a mobile Website in the quickest possible time. The link provided here leads directly to a lightweight version of the Website, which does not possess headers, images and other graphics. Though this service renders your mobile Website completely non-customizable, it is still very much suited to view on the mobile phone of a user.

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iWebKit offers you a very simple framework to develop your own basic app for the iPhone and iPod touch. This tool can be effectively used by you even if you have just a little working knowledge of HTML. However, it is not as user-friendly as some of the other mobile Website creation tools mentioned in this post. You will need to read the user manual and gain a thorough understanding of the same before venturing ahead to work with this tool. In any case, this is suitable for beginners, as it offers all the required instructions and is also available free of cost.

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Mippin is yet another useful and free tool to help you with creating a mobile version of your Website. This is best suited to work on an RSS-powered site. It can be manipulated to be compatible with over 2,000 mobile handsets and gives quick results as well. The biggest advantage that Mippin offers you is that it gives a free basic analytics report and also lets you make more revenue by way of mobile advertising.

Do I Need a Mobile Website for My Business?
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Mobify runs on a freemium model and offers you a user-friendly and intuitive GUI or graphical user interface. This tool helps you create your Website in just a few minutes. Better still, Mobify comprises its own Mobile Commerce platform that is designed to work especially faster and more effectively for e-stores running on the mobile Web. The basic package is available to you free of cost and offers you enough scope to work around manipulating your mobile domain. Though the paid package is rather steeply priced, it does offer you several more benefits over the free package.

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MobilePress is a nice WordPress plugin, which helps you generate a mobile version of your WordPress-powered Website with ease. This free, useful plugin is easy to work with and finishes its assigned task with very little time and effort spent on your part.

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Mobilize by Mippin is yet another free and useful WordPress plugin, which effortlessly displays the contents of your WordPress Website on mobile devices. Once you install and activate this plugin, it will automatically redirect visitors who access your site from their mobile devices, to the mobile version of your Website. Not only that, all your photos will be automatically scaled to fit the dimensions of a mobile phone and videos converted to the 3GP format.

Top 7 Tools for Testing Your Mobile Website
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Winksite supports W3C mobileOK and .mobi standards and works best on mobile Websites which focus on Website promotion via social networking and interaction. This tool offers a variety of options such as chat, polls and forums, using which you can instantly connect and keep in touch with mobile users. Not only that, you can also engage visitors by requesting them to participate in your forums; sharing your information among their friends and even introducing more users into your forum.

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Wirenode is a tool used by several leading establishments, such as Nokia, Ford and so on, to develop mobile versions of their own Websites. The company offers a free plan, comprising a user-friendly editor which you can use to setup a mobile site. This tool also offers you free hosting for up to 3 mobile Websites and gives you analytics reports, statistics and more. The paid version of this tool runs free of Wirenode advertisements.

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Zinadoo is an excellent tool to help you build your mobile Website. It offers you both Web and mobile widgets, plus its text and email services, which you can effectively use to promote your Website, both online and offline. What is better; this tools enables you to assign Google keywords and tags to your Website, also uploading videos to it using Zinadoo’s own Mobile Video service. Additionally, you also get complete access to Zinadoo’s online business directory and Mobiseer, which is a Web 2.0 service for tagging and sharing favorite mobile Websites.