How to Free the Divine Beasts in Zelda: BOTW

Freeing the four beasts will help you defeat Calamity Ganon

In Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you'll need to free the Divine Beasts to defeat Calamity Ganon. Follow this guide to release the Divine Beasts in each area of Hyrule.

Getting the Quest

To get the Free the Divine Beasts quest, you'll have to talk to Impa in Kakariko Village as part of the main quest. This quest is assigned alongside a few others you can do as well.

Once you get the quest to Free the Divine Beasts, you can do so in any order you wish. There are four Divine Beasts, each in different areas of Hyrule. Below is how to free each one from easiest to hardest.

Divine Beast Vah Ruta in Zora's Domain

To start, you'll want to make your way to Zora's Domain in Lanayru. You should be able to see the Lanaryu tower if you head north out of Kakariko Village. From there, you should meet Gruve, one of the Zora.

He will direct you towards Sidon, who is on the bridge below the tower near the Soh Kofi Shrine. Go down and speak with him to get your quest to go to Zora's Domain. Along with Sidon, you'll travel along a road with many monsters, so be sure to be prepared and stocked on food. Sidon says many enemies are using electric attacks along the way; he will provide you with an Electro elixir.

Sidon in zoras domain

Reach Zora's Domain

Sidon will guide you along a path to reach Zora's Domain. Make sure to have plenty of electricity-resistant dishes or Electro elixirs as you'll be battling a lot of electric enemies along this path. At the end of the trail, before you get to Zora's Domain, you'll have to fight a Lightning Wizzrobe. Then you can continue on your quest.

Free Vah Ruta

After speaking with Zora King Dorephan, you'll have to find Muzu and gather 20 shock arrows. You'll also receive new Zora armor, which will help you in this terrain. Follow the steps below to free Vah Ruta.

  1. Put on the Zora armor. Below the throne area, speak with Muzu and Sidon. The summit of Ploymus Mountain is highlighted on your map. You can swim up waterfalls to get there. Look for shock arrows along the way or from gathering them earlier getting to Zora's Domain.

  2. At the top of the mountain, you'll see Lynel. You'll need to sneak past Lynel to continue. Once you have your 20 arrows, you can go to the top of the hill next to the opening where Lynel is and glide down to find Sidon at East Reservoir Lake.

  3. When you're ready, Sidon will bring you up to the Divine Beast. You'll have to get close to a waterfall where you can shoot at a pink glowing orb. First, though, you'll have to destroy the ice blocks Vah Ruta throws at you. You can do this using your Sheikah Slate. Once you get near a pink orb, shoot at it, and you'll be able to enter inside once you've hit all of them.

Vah Ruta Dungeon

Inside Vah Ruta, you'll need to activate six different terminals.

  1. The first terminal is underwater. You should see a gear and a crank. Use Magnesis on the crank to get to the terminal and activate it.

    using magnesis to turn the crank
  2. You'll find a Guidance Stone to the left of the entrance. Fight the creature blocking the bars and then raise the gate using Cryonis.

  3. Now find the wheels with the pouring fountain of water on the next floor. Use Cryonis to plug up this water when the terminal is near the bottom, allowing you to access it.

    pluggig the water
  4. Head up to the next level and stand near the much larger wheel. Move the Divine Beast's trunk, so the water moves this wheel. You'll see an orb inside the wheel. Use Stasis once it hits the block to open the terminal. Quickly activate it before Stasis runs out.

    One way to improve your chances is to use Statis shortly before the ord slides out, but your timing has to be right so you don't miss it.

  5. Now, jump back down to the lower level and unfreeze the water from the last gear. Use the edges of both moving wheels to climb up to the next level. Then, activate the waterfall nearby to provide easier access to this floor. Lower the Divine Beast's trunk so you can walk to its end. Do so, and then raise it again. Follow the platform as it rotates so you can reach the terminal at the very end of the trunk.

  6. Go back to the Divine Beast's head, and you'll see a hole; jump into it. You should see the last terminal encased in fire. On the wall, you'll see a crank. You can use Magnesis on the crank to open the roof; then, you can move the trunk to put out the fire.

    Putting out the fire to get to the terminal

    Now you can go back to the bottom, where the main giant terminal is. However, you'll now need to defeat Waterblight Ganon to continue. After you defeat him, you can talk to Dorephan to finish the quest.

Divine Beast Vah Rudania in Death Mountain

Start your quest in Goron City and speak to Goron Boss Bludo. Leave Goron City to go towards the mines, and you'll find Drak. Speak with him, and he'll tell you about Yunobo, who is trapped in a vault in Darunia Lake. Here's how to help him and free Vah Rudania.

  1. To get to this location, you'll have to use the geysers on the islands to push yourself up and then paraglide across the lake. Eventually, you should see a cannon, which you can load with a bomb and shoot towards the vault, which will free Yunobo. Once free, talk to him and then speak to Bludo.

    Talking to bludo
  2. Now, you'll be sent to talk to Yunobo again near Eldin Bridge. After you defeat the creatures attacking him, you'll have to use Yunobo as a cannonball to lower the bridge. Use a bomb in the cannon to do this.

  3. Divine Beast Rudania will now appear and send out searchlights. If you get spotted under these, he will throw firebombs down at you. So be careful here. When you see cannons along the path, use Yunobo and fire him at Rudania. Once he retreats into the volcano, Link can then enter.

    vah rudania

Vah Rudania Dungeon

Even though it will be very dark once you enter, you'll find a torch inside a nearby chest. Light it using the fire near the entrance.

  1. Beside the chests, you should see a tall torch you can light to open the door there. In the next room, you should destroy the four eyes to reveal chests. Next to them is another door you can open with your torch. In here, you'll find the Guardian Stone and will receive the map of Rudania. You'll need to use this map to manipulate the Divine Beast's layout to find and activate all the terminals.

  2. There are two terminals near Rudania's back legs, one near the tail, one close to where you are now on the wall to the right, and one on the top. Once you've activated all five terminals, you can head to the roof to the main control terminal.

    Rudania terminal
  3. Here, you'll have to defeat Fireblight Ganon. After the battle, you can go back to Goron City and talk to Bludo to complete the quest.

Divine Beast Vah Medoh in the Hebra Mountains

To start this quest, you'll want to speak to Kaneli in Rito Village. He will tell you about Teba, who is trying to stop the Divine Beast's attacks on the village. You can find him at the base of the Hebra Mountains. Here's how to find Teba and free Vah Medoh.

  1. To get there, go to Revali's Landing, and you'll be able to paraglide to the bottom. Now you'll want to follow the path ahead to get to the Flight Range where Teba is.

  2. When talking to him in the building, he'll want to test you before allowing you to help. You'll have to use your bow to hit five targets in 3 minutes. Use your paraglider to fly around to each target.

  3. Now, you'll be able to fight the Divine Beast. There are four cannons you need to take out. You'll need to use the bomb arrows Teba gave you. Hit each one with two bomb arrows to destroy them.

Vah Medoh Dungeon

Inside the Divine Beast, you'll need to activate all the terminals.

  1. First, you'll want to get to the opposite end of Medoh to get the Guidance Stone. Once you get there, you'll receive the map of the Divine Beast you can use to control it.

    map of vah medoh
  2. You can tilt the Divine Beast to get into the wings where the terminals reside. First, go to the stone platforms you used to cross to the front, and tilt towards the right and jump to the bottom. Go out and head onto the pulley, and hit the eye across from you with an arrow to slide onto the other side. Go in and activate the terminals there. Do the same for the left wing. Once you've activated these, you'll be able to use the main terminal on the roof of Medoh.

  3. You can get to the roof by making Medoh flat once more and using the fans to lift you. Now you can activate the main terminal, and you'll now have to fight Windblight Ganon.

Divine Beast Vah Naboris in Gerudo Desert

Before you can start this quest, you'll need to gain access to Gerudo Town as no men are allowed inside. Talk to Benja and then go to Kara Kara Bazaar and find the Inn. On top of it, you'll see a woman, talk to her and compliment her outfit. Then you can buy it for 600 rupees. Now change into it, and you'll be able to get into Gerudo Town. Follow these steps to free Vah Naboris.

  1. In the town, talk to Riju in the center. She will tell you about the Thunder Helm, which the Yiga Clan stole. Now, speak to the guard captain in the courtyard. Be sure to keep your disguise on while in Gerudo.

    Talking to riju
  2. Now you'll want to leave for Karusa Valley. Leave Gerudo town and head north. Once you get inside the canyon, be careful of boulders that may fall around you. You'll have to fight some Yiga Clan members on your way up.

  3. Once you get to the hideout, you'll have to use a torch to light the banners around you. One of these will reveal your path forward. You'll find a cell with the lost guard Barta, who got trapped by the Yiga.

  4. Moving on, you'll want to use the bananas you find around this area to sneak past the guards here. Find and use ladders to climb up to the next levels. At one point, you'll come to a door, and you'll lift it using Magnesis. After this, you'll need to fight Master Kohga.

  5. After, you will find the Thunder Helm. Return to Gerudo Town (in disguise) to give it to Riju. She'll tell you to meet her at the South Outpost to deal with the Divine Beast.

  6. Once you meet her there, she'll give you 20 bomb arrows to use. Use sand seals as you stay close to Riju. She will protect you from the Divine Beast's attacks. When you get close to the Divine Beast, shoot bomb arrows at its purple foot. After hitting all four, you can enter Vah Naboris.

Vah Naboris Dungeon

Like the other Divine Beasts, you'll have to activate all the terminals here.

  1. To get the Guidance Stone, head up the slope and continue to the back wall and move up the hill to the right. After you get the map, you'll be able to move portions of the cylinder to get to each terminal. If you look around the room, you'll notice boxes and circles. As you move the cylinder, some of the holes will reveal rooms. You can stand on the boxes to act as platforms to move you upward.

    Vah Naboris dungeon
  2. To get to the next terminal, you'll have to use the ramps you see around the room. Move the cylinders while standing on them until they form a platform, and you can jump over to the terminal.

  3. Now, you'll see on one side of each portion of the cylinder is a green strip. Move the portions until these line up to move the wheel at the far end of the room. Walk into the indent, and you'll be carried up to an opening that goes outside onto the Divine Beast.

  4. Move the lever in the center of the green lines until the blue electricity on both sides is lined up to them. A platform will come down. If you get on, it will bring you to a terminal.

  5. Now go back into the center room and move the ramps until you can get up to the next level. Then realign the green lines. On this level, use magnesis to move the levers into the correct position to move one of the arms upward. You'll want to get on a platform as the arm moves up to get to the top.

    In this room, you should see a blue platform that will bring you into the next one. Climb up to the side balcony to use the lever to move the one below. Then jump down and go through the opening with the moving platform to the next room. Go down the platform with the monster on it and kill it. Then look to the side and hit the eye on the wall with an arrow. It will destroy the entire creature, and you can access the terminal above.

  6. In these two rooms, you'll need to find two orbs and drag them using magnesis or pick them up and carry/throw them, so you can put them in pedestals in front of the gate, blocking the last terminal in the main room. After this, you can use the main control terminal in the main cylinder room, and you'll need to defeat Thunderblight Ganon.

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