13 Best Thanksgiving Wallpapers

A list of the best free Thanksgiving wallpapers for your computer

What to change the background on your computer or phone to match the season? Here's our list of the top Thanksgiving ​wallpapers taken from the best free wallpaper sites.

You can find background themes for every season, including free autumn wallpapers and Halloween wallpapers.

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Apple Harvest Pie by WallpaperStock

Apple Harvest Pie free wallpaper

This mouth-watering Thanksgiving wallpaper showcases an apple pie and apples ready to be eaten after the turkey. You can download this free Thanksgiving wallpaper in several sizes for your normal, widescreen, or HD monitor.

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Salt and Pepper's Thanksgiving by Hannabearr

Salt and Pepper's Thanksgiving wallpaper

Salt dressed up as a turkey and Pepper dressed up like pumpkin pie. How cute is that? This Thanksgiving wallpaper is only available for download in one size. Still, it can be easily resized in a free online graphics program.

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Thanksgiving Turkey Wallpaper by BrowCo

Thanksgiving Turkey free wallpaper

This Thanksgiving wallpaper features a turkey along with some beautiful autumn trees with orange, yellow, red, and green colors. It's available for download in only one size: 1600 x 1200.

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Thanksgiving Day by WallpaperStock

Thanksgiving Day free wallpaper

A collection of gourds and corn decorate the farm table in this Thanksgiving wallpaper. Download this free Thanksgiving wallpaper for your normal, widescreen, or HD computer monitor.

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Thanksgiving Pumpkins by Desktop Nexus

Thanksgiving Pumpkins free wallpaper

A few colorful pumpkins, acorns, and fall leaves adorn the centerpiece of the Thanksgiving table in this wallpaper. Best of all, it automatically shrinks or expands to fit your background.

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Happy Thanksgiving by Desktop Nexus

Happy Thanksgiving wallpaper

This lovely scene includes fall leaves, orange pumpkins, fields of gold, and a cozy home that is the center of this Thanksgiving wallpaper. You can download this free Thanksgiving wallpaper for your widescreen computer monitor.

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Family Thanksgiving Wallpaper From Alpha Coders

Family Thanksgiving free wallpaper

If you need to lighten the mood of the room this Thanksgiving, let your computer screen show off this perfectly captured illustration of a family Thanksgiving meal. There are several resolutions you can manually choose from, and you can enter a size to get a custom wallpaper.

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Thanksgiving by Desktop Nexus

Happy Thanksgiving free wallpaper

A golden sunflower sets the stage for this cheerful Thanksgiving wallpaper. You can download this free wallpaper to fit standard computer monitors. It resizes for your monitor when you open the download page.

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The First Thanksgiving by WallpaperStock

The First Thanksgiving wallpaper

This wallpaper is a painting of the first Thanksgiving, where the pilgrims and Native Americans shared their first meal together. You can download this free Thanksgiving wallpaper in normal, wide, and HD resolutions for your computer, tablet, mobile phone, or social media cover photos.

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Indian Corn From WallpaperStock

Corn thanksgiving wallpaper

Three ears of Indian corn and a few pinecones are the focus of this Thanksgiving wallpaper celebrating the harvest. This free wallpaper can be downloaded in normal, wide, and HD resolutions for your computer or tablet as well as wallpaper for your phone or social media cover photos.

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Happy Thanksgiving From Desktop Nexus

Happy Thanksgiving wallpaper

Here's another Thanksgiving wallpaper from Desktop Nexus, this one featuring some fall leaves, pumpkins, and vegetables with the title "Happy Thanksgiving." This Thanksgiving wallpaper will automatically be sized to the screen you open it on, so you don't have to worry about knowing which resolution to select on the download page.

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Scarecrow by Hip Wallpaper

Scarecrow Thanksgiving wallpaper

This Thanksgiving wallpaper focuses on a fun image of a bunch of scarecrows that are so cute you know they're not going to do a good job of scaring those crows away. You can download this Thanksgiving wallpaper in 1440 x 900 or 1366 x 768 for desktop computers.

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Thanksgiving Open Background Wallpaper by HipWallpaper

Open background free Thanksgiving wallpaper

If you like to see your desktop icons even with a wallpaper installed, you'll like this Thanksgiving background that's open in the middle and features leaves surrounding your screen and pumpkins at the bottom. This wallpaper for Thanksgiving is available in its original 1031 x 768 resolution.

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