8 Best Free Thanksgiving E-cards

Send some digital love this year for Thanksgiving

These free Thanksgiving e-cards are perfect for sending to family and friends who you won't be able to see this Thanksgiving. With messages of gratitude and happiness, they'll be sure to brighten someone's day.

These are some of the best Thanksgiving e-cards online, and all of them are free for you to send, with no membership required. They can be customized with a personal message, and some of them even allow you to add photos to the card or turn the card into an online invitation for Thanksgiving dinner.

You can also schedule these Thanksgiving e-cards ahead of time, which will be an excellent time-saver at the beginning of the holiday season.

There are Thanksgiving wallpapers and fall wallpapers to get your computer, laptop, or phone ready for the holidays. You can even download free Thanksgiving ringtones!

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Give Thanks from Punchbowl

A floral Thanksgiving ecard with a virtual envelope


Punchbowl has a beautiful free Thanksgiving e-card that says "Give Thanks With a Grateful Heart" surrounded by flowers in orange, blue, and green.

This card can be completely customized with your own text, photos, and graphics before sending.

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Everyday Thankfulness by Greetings Island

Screenshot of a Thanksgiving ecard with colorful illustrations

 Greetings Island

Greetings Island has a free Thanksgiving e-card that says "Happy Thanksgiving" surrounded by a colorful illustration of a house, flowers, dogs, trees, clouds, and more. It sends a beautiful reminder to be grateful for all that we have.

Inside you can add your own custom message, photos, and even virtual stickers before sending it off. You can optionally print this card if you'd rather.

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Let's Reconnect by Someecards

A sarcastic Thanksgiving ecard.

You'll love this funny Thanksgiving e-card from Someecards if you're looking for something a little more in your face in the way of a Thanksgiving message.

This Thanksgiving e-card points out the fact that sometimes the only time we get together is the holidays.

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Thanksgiving Wishes from Punchbowl

A brown card that says "Happy Thanksgiving"


This Happy Thanksgiving e-card is classic brown and white, making it a perfect choice for anyone and everyone you'd like to send a card to. You can customize it by adding a message and changing the virtual envelope liner, message stamp, and postage.

If you're feeling extra thankful for the recipient of this card, you have the option of adding a digital Amazon card before sending it.

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Special Thanksgiving Wishes by 123 Greetings

A Happy Thanksgiving ecard with music and video.
123 Greetings

This free Thanksgiving e-card from 123 Greetings is an animated e-card that wishes everyone who sees it a Happy Thanksgiving.

This is a great card that's perfect for any friend or family member whom you won't get to see this Thanksgiving.

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Grateful from Greetings Island

"Grateful" in gold balloon letters

Greetings Island 

Share how much your friends and family mean to you with this Grateful card from Greetings Island. Gold balloon letters spell out "grateful" with confetti sprinkled all around. The outside says "Celebrating with Thankfulness for People Like You".

If you'd rather deliver the card in person, there's an option to print the card instead of sending it as an e-card.

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Thanksgiving Drain from Someecards

A woman holding a pumpkin pie and pie server


Know someone who's usually completely overwhelmed by Thanksgiving? Give them a good laugh with this funny e-card that sympathizes with their woes. This e-card will have the recipient groaning and laughing all at the same time.

You can't personalize this card, but that means it couldn't be easier to send this e-card... just send them the link.

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Give Thanks from Punchbowl

A blue floral Thanksgiving card


"Give Thanks" is the message from this lovely Thanksgiving e-card. Flowers and leaves of orange, green, and yellow sit atop a stunning blue background. Anyone in your life would be more than thrilled to receive this card in their inbox.

There are all kinds of bells and whistles over at Punchbowl, allowing you to really customize your card. You can add a video message, include a gift card, customize the inside of the card, and set preferences for the envelope. You can even now send these e-cards via text message.

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