Send Text Messages for Free Using a Messaging App

woman on computer with text bubble

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Looking for an easy way to send free text messages? Many of your favorite messaging clients allow you to send free text messages to a cell phone. 

Depending on your wireless service plan, you may incur charges for text messages in certain situations. Using a messaging app is a great way to ensure that you avoid any extra data charges. Plus, when you send messages from your favorite messaging app, your conversation is stored within the app, making it a handy place to access all of your conversations. Lastly, it can sometimes be more comfortable to message from your desktop or laptop computer, with full use of your keyboard and screen.

One thing to note when sending text messages through a messaging application is that the recipient of the texts may still incur charges, depending on the plan he or she has with their wireless service provider. 

Here's how to send text messages using a messaging application

While all messaging applications allow you to communicate with other users on that platform, only some of them enable you to send text messages to a mobile phone. Here's one to consider:

How to Send a Text Message from Google Voice

Google Voice is a free service which allows you to perform many functions related to telephone calls. You can set up your own Google Voice phone number, have your calls forwarded, and transcribe your voicemails. You can also send free text messages. To get started, sign up and log in for Google Voice. Click the "Text" button at the top of the menu on the left side, enter your contact's name or phone number, and your message.

While for many people, texting directly with friends works just fine, in other cases, it may be beneficial to use a messaging application to send texts. This is especially true if your mobile data plan has a limit on how many texts you can send each month. Google Voice is a great option if you find yourself in this situation. Have fun!

Use an App

You can send free text messages via 3rd party apps on your cell phone or tablet, too. Simply search for free messaging apps compatible with your device. These allow you to send text messages without incurring extra fees.