7 Best Free Christmas Music Streaming Sites

Where to listen to free Christmas music all day long

There's no better way to create some holiday cheer than by streaming free Christmas music from your phone, tablet, or computer. Whatever Christmas music genre you prefer, including traditional, contemporary, country, kids, or rock, you'll find a streaming site that's just right for you.

We gathered a list of the best places to find streaming Christmas music all season long to enjoy when you're in the car, wrapping gifts, or spending time with family.

If you want to download Christmas music, check out these free Christmas music downloads. Or, if you need a break from Christmas music, visit the best places to stream free music that play a variety of genres and artists.

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Best Selection: Spotify Christmas Music

Spotify free Christmas streaming music stations and playlists
What We Like
  • Massive selection of music.

  • Easy to find favorite artists.

  • Available on mobile apps.

What We Don't Like
  • Need paid subscription to listen offline.

  • Frequent ads on free account.

Spotify has one of the best selections of free Christmas music out there. Keep scrolling to find hundreds of streaming Christmas songs you can listen to as long as you want.

There are traditional favorites, classical tunes, and Christmas songs from your favorite contemporary artists.

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Best for Personalized Christmas Playlists: Pandora

Pandora's Christmas playlist
What We Like
  • Tailors songs to your preferences.

  • Available on mobile devices.

  • Simple controls.

What We Don't Like
  • Difficult to find favorite songs or artists.

  • Need paid subscription to listen offline.

Pandora's Christmas radio offerings have a plethora of free Christmas music to stream, including stations like Holiday Hits, Christmas, Kids' Christmas, New Holiday, Today's Christmas, and many other stations and playlists.

Since Pandora lets you specify which songs you like or don't care for, it's easy to create your own streaming Christmas music station full of all your favorites.

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Best for Eclectic Options: LiveOne

LiveXLive's "Top Christmas Hits" playlist
What We Like
  • No signup required.

  • Mobile app available.

  • Large selection of stations.

  • Modern classics.

What We Don't Like
  • On-page ads.

  • Difficult to find specific songs or artists.

  • Offline listening requires premium subscription.

LiveOne (previously LiveXLive and Slacker Radio) has a vast library of free Christmas music to enjoy online, with many holiday offerings from more contemporary artists.

Search for Christmas on LiveOne to bring up a variety of holiday stations and playlists.

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Best Multi-Genre Mix: AccuRadio

Holiday channels on AccuRadio
What We Like
  • Unlimited skips per playlist.

  • Diverse playlist selection.

  • Free to use.

What We Don't Like
  • Includes commercials.

  • Fewer features than other services.

Visit AccuRadio to listen to just about any genre of free streaming Christmas music. Use the easy-to-navigate web interface to browse popular Christmas music channels or search for a specific niche, including Celtic Christmas, Christmas Country, Classical Christmas, Holiday Pop, Modern Christmas Classics, The Season's New Music, and more.

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Best for Music and Videos: YouTube

YouTube offers free streaming Christmas music and videos
What We Like
  • Huge selection of music and videos.

  • Available on mobile devices.

  • Easy to cast music videos to a TV.

What We Don't Like
  • Difficult to find specific playlists.

  • Must purchase YouTube Premium to listen offline.

  • Music requires streaming video as well.

YouTube is a treasure trove of Christmas music and videos where you're likely to find any song you can dream about.

Most of the Christmas music on YouTube comprises hours of music merged into one video, making it great for all-day listening. However, if you search for a specific Christmas song or artist, you can find singles, as well.

You'll find new Christmas music as well as the classics. With a bit of digging, you can also discover some specific Christmas entertainment, such as Hogwarts' Christmas music.

YouTube is a video streaming website, which means it also has free Christmas movies.

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Best for Creating a Christmas Playlist: YouTube Music

A YouTube Music Christmas playlist
What We Like
  • Vast assortment of music and videos.

  • Easy search functions to find niche genres and artists.

  • Create your own Christmas playlists.

What We Don't Like
  • Ads if you don't have YouTube Music Premium.

  • Must have Music Premium to listen offline.

Google's streaming music service YouTube Music is another excellent option for streaming Christmas music and videos. While you need a paid subscription for offline listening and an ad-free experience, there's plenty of free holiday content to enjoy.

YouTube Music makes it easy to create your own Christmas playlist or enjoy curated music and video playlists. Some examples of playlists include Christmas at the Cabin, Best Christmas Songs of the 80s, R&B Christmas Songs, Dolly Parton Christmas Songs, and 100 Greatest Christmas Songs Ever.

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Best for Classic Christmas Favorites: iHeart Christmas

iHeart Radio's free streaming Christmas music
What We Like
  • Good selection of channels.

  • Free to use.

  • Easy to save favorite stations or songs.

What We Don't Like
  • Stations include commercials.

  • The website isn't intuitive to use.

The iHeartRadio iHeart Christmas station is a great source of top-of-the-charts classic and contemporary holiday favorites as well as Christmas podcasts if you prefer to listen to interesting Christmas discussions.

Search for Christmas on the iHeart site to bring up many other stations, including North Pole Radio, iHeart Christmas Classics, iHeart Christmas Country, iHeart Christmas R&B, and iHeart Christmas Rock.

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