19 Best Free Online Spanish Games for the English Speaker

Spanish games for kids and adults

Spanish games are a fun way to learn Spanish, test your existing knowledge of the language, or both. The instructions in these games are in English but the games themselves require you to know either basic or advanced words/phrases in Spanish.

These Spanish learning games are great for kids and adults alike and they're organized below by skill level, so it's easy to find the perfect place to start. Dive on in, and have a blast improving your Spanish!

Ready to get a little more serious about your Spanish skills? There are Spanish learning sites that can walk you through the absolute basics to help you learn new words, phrases, and sentences. Also check out a language exchange site for learning Spanish through conversation with a friend.

Easier Spanish Games

Here's a list of easier free Spanish games that will help you learn basic vocabulary, numbers, colors, and basic phrases.

Speed Balls online Spanish game
Speed Balls.
  • Translation Games: These Spanish learning games begin with a lesson that teaches you simple Spanish words then you use those words and their English translations in games like Whack-a-Word and Hangman.
  • Spanish Word Toss: Spanish Word Toss has you throw darts at balloon targets that are translations of English keywords. Categories include animals, food, people, numbers, days of the week, and more. Three strikes and you have to start over!
  • Spanish Vocabulary: Match Spanish text with photos in this free game. You can instead play with audio so that you hear the word before choosing what image it goes with.
  • Memory: A great Spanish game for kids, this one has dozens of memory games in many different categories, such as animals, clothes, food, and people. You must match like images with each other, which takes place while the Spanish words are spoken aloud to help with word association.
  • Speed Balls: Drag and drop to match the pictures with the proper balls in this Spanish game. There are plenty of object categories to choose from, and you can study the words before you begin.
  • Fast Hands: Very similar to Speed Balls, this Spanish learning game gives you the Spanish word in text and audio, and you must click the appropriate image that the word refers to.
  • Mind the Word: This unique Spanish game is actually a web browser extension for Chrome that translates anywhere from 5 percent to 45 percent of the pages you read into Spanish. See if you can still comprehend what you're reading even when some of the words aren't in English.
  • Spanish Phrases: Learn a handful of Spanish phrases and greeting and then see how many you can correctly match up.
  • Numbers 1-12: This Spanish numbers list game is ideal as a Spanish game for kids, but adults who don't know their numbers can benefit, too. Match the English number with the Spanish number. You can play at slow, intermediate, or fast speed, and even select the headphone symbol to hear the Spanish number spoken out loud.

More Difficult Spanish Games

This list of free Spanish learning games is a little more challenging but will help you with more advanced vocabulary and sentences.

Spanish-English Cycle Race online game
Spanish-English Cycle Race.
  • Weather Game: When you play this Spanish game, you're matching the week's forecast in Spanish with the appropriate weather images.
  • Number Game: This Spanish game has you enter the price spoken in Spanish for the products on the shelf. You can practice one-digit numbers all the way up to six-digit numbers.
  • Dialogue Game: Choose the correct sentences that complete the dialogue between two Spanish speaking people.
  • Fill in the Blank: Pick a category in this Spanish learning game and try to spell out the translation. You'll have to switch between English and Spanish spelling to really test your knowledge.
  • Verb Conjugation Game: Use this online Spanish game to test your knowledge of conjugating verbs. You can specify the tense, types of verbs, and infinitive ending that you'd like to be tested on.
  • Bubbles: Play a game over colors, Spanish numbers, school objects, and/or feelings, in either easy or normal difficulty. You're given a Spanish word and you must pop the bubble that shows the English translation.
  • Pong: Learn Spanish while you play the game pong. Use your mouse to direct the ball to hit the blocks. When you hit a white one, you're asked a Spanish question. Topics include school, world, grammar, food, family, activity, numbers, and more.
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