A List of Places to Find Free Sony PSP Downloads

Places to find free content for the Sony PlayStation Portable

Sony Playstation Portable being played in child's hands

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Below is a list of the best places to download free Sony PSP apps. The PSP is a small, network-enabled personal entertainment device that provides built-in Wi-Fi for downloading apps, music, videos, and other kinds of content

It's not an easy task to find and download free PSP apps and games. Many of them are so old that the download links no longer work. If you want more PSP downloads from a trusted source, check out the official Sony PlayStation Store where you can buy PSP games.

Most of the PSP apps found in the links below require that your PSP be running homebrew software. To get these downloads on your PSP, copy the download directly into the appropriate folder on the PSP.

Where to Find Free PSP App Downloads

For starters, check out our Cool Homebrews for the PSP list for our own picks at the best homebrew apps.

Some of these PSP downloads might be in an archive like a ZIP or RAR file, and so might require the use of a file unzipper program like 7-Zip.

  • Brewology: Provides a list of easy to download homebrew apps for the PSP. If you look around on the Brewology website, you can find hundreds of other PSP downloads.
  • PSP News: This is another website with free PSP app downloads like hacks and tools, unbrickers, homebrew games and apps, demos, and more.
    • Lots of the content on PSP News point you to a different website for the actual download, so you might end up chasing link after link to finally find the PSP download.
  • Gaijin Gamers: This list of PSP downloads is not very extensive but it does provide links to some apps you might be interested in, like the Wagic and Quake games, xReader document reader, and Map This! navigation app.
    • These PSP downloads are signed, which means that you don't need a hacked PSP in order to download these apps.

Want to use these PSP apps on your computer? There are lots of PSP emulators out there that can do this, including the free and open source PPSSPP.