Free Screenshot Applications for Your BlackBerry

Take BlackBerry screenshots with these free applications.

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Ewan Spence

Sometimes, when you're troubleshooting problems with your Blackberry phone or one of its applications, taking a screenshot can be much easier than trying to describe the problem you are having in detail. But your BlackBerry's OS doesn't offer a built-in mechanism for snapping screenshots. There are, however, some free applications that will allow you to take screenshots directly from your BlackBerry with ease.

Capture It

The Tech Mogul has developed Capture It, a free application that allows you to take screenshots of your BlackBerry and save them on the device. Download the application OTA (Over the Air), and install it to your device. Once it's installed, just hit the Menu key and choose Capture It to take a screenshot.

You can attach the image to an email or MMS, or you can connect your BlackBerry to a PC and retrieve the image from your BlackBerry's memory. This application will only be able to take screenshots of primary screens. You will not be able to capture secondary screens or menus.

BlackBerry Master Control Program

If you have access to a Windows PC, you can use BlackBerry Master Control Program (MCP) to capture screenshots of almost anything on your BlackBerry. As long as your device can boot into the operating system and connect to your PC, you will be able to use MCP to capture screenshots of everything, including secondary screens and menus.

Once you've downloaded and installed MCP to your PC, start the app. Then connect your BlackBerry to your PC. Once MCP recognizes it (and you type in your BlackBerry's password if it has one), click on the Screen Capture icon (small monitor).

From there you can choose your device from the Screenshot Settings area, as well as the filename, and where to save the file. When you are ready, click the Capture Screen button, and when you are satisfied with the image, click Save Screenshot. BlackBerry Master Control Program is free, but it is still in Beta.