5 Free Salesforce.com Social Apps for Small Business Teams

Smart social collaboration, social help desk, and social productivity apps

Specialized software can be expensive but in Salesforce.com, small business teams can use free apps in creative ways. To use Salesforce.com apps in the AppExchange, you must first have a group edition subscription. Then, you can add on apps from the AppExchange for a variety of uses, such as running marketing campaigns, staffing a help desk, and managing projects to empower teams for business results. Review these five free apps to use standalone or integrated with Salesforce.com products like CRM. The benefits of software-as-a-Service (SaaS) apps are mainly lots of functionality without maintenance or infrastructure costs. Apps are accessible on your desktop or on your smartphone or tablet.

Chatter - social collaboration

Salesforce.com Inc.

Salesforce.com’s own social collaboration tool, Chatter helps your organization stay connected throughout the course of the day. Cross-functional small business teams can use Chatter and not necessarily have to access other tools in Salesforce.com that specific groups like sales, marketing, or HR may be doing. Chatter will give your whole organization a fresh perspective on various group activities through status updates and help include people on projects using @Mentions and file sharing. Technically, your organization can use Chatter without a Salesforce.com CRM or other cloud platform subscription, and it is free. See Review.

Adobe Connect - webinar events

Adobe Systems is making available Connect v9.3 in the AppExchange. This app is free and is the most current version ready to use in the Fall. The best feature is the automated process to bring in all webinar events, present or past, from the Adobe server, which would otherwise require manual upload. To take advantage of webinar event leads, Adobe customers who use Salesforce will immediately see events and registrations. To further qualify webinar prospects, Salesforce users can review responses to registration questions. Existing leads in Salesforce can be sent a webinar event invitation as well.

Desk.com - social help desk

Desk.com for Salesforce is used to manage customer service. Integrated with Salesforce CRM or other cloud platform for sales and support, you can access account and contact information for collaboration between reps and agents. Agents can view and process customer requests, view accounts and send leads and contacts to Salesforce. In Desk.com, you can receive requests through email, Facebook and Twitter social media channels, live chat and phone. Desk.com sends out an alert to your customer when a service request is completed. See Review.

InsideView - sales intelligence

InsideView is an app to obtain company and contact information on accounts. Used to increase sales productivity, InsideView alerts you of trigger events in a company, such as leadership changes, new products, and acquisitions. Company alerts such as company news and financials, and people alerts that include social media profiles and job listings provide up-to-the-minute information through leading sources. People insights and company intelligence can support your sales activities in Salesforce.com or as a standalone product.

SpringCM - content management

SpringCM is a content management app to add, share, and manage content in Salesforce.com. You can organize customer content and share across Chatter activity using alerts when documents are added or changed. Sales, marketing, and customer support groups together can review documents quickly using annotations. You can also use a review process in SpringCM to send documents out for review with alerts and reminders as well as manage version control with check-in and check-out from Salesforce. Workflow is automated in shared project folders with storage in the cloud. Available for free in Salesforce.com Enterprise edition only. Read review.