16 Best Free Rose Wallpapers

A list of the most beautiful rose wallpapers online

A rose wallpaper is a great choice for your computer desktop background for spring, winter, anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine's Day, or just because you adore roses.

These rose wallpapers were handpicked and feature peach, pink, yellow, white, and of course red roses.

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Fragrant Roses by HD Wallpapers

Red and white roses

HD Wallpapers

This rose wallpaper features an overhead view of a bouquet of red, pale pink, and dusty pink roses.

This is a widescreen-specific wallpaper, so it's suitable only for widescreen resolutions such as 1280x800 up to 1920x1200. To resize it to fit your screen, you can use a photo editor.

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Rose Smile by WallpaperStock

rose wallpaper by WallpaperStock


Rose Smile is a rose wallpaper that is a close-up shot of a beautiful pink rose touched by the morning dew.

You can download this rose wallpaper for your computer in 1024x768, 1152x864, 1280x1024, 1600x1200, or 1920x1440, as well as wide, HD, mobile, and cover photo sizes (for social media sites).

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Red Rose by WallpaperStock

red rose wall paper by WallpaperStock


You can't get much closer to a red rose than this! This rose wallpaper features a dewy center of a red rose that will take your breath away.

This rose wallpaper is available for download in a wide variety of sizes for both full screen and widescreen monitors, plus mobile devices and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

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Rose Pop by wallhaven

Red and orange rose among green and purple leaves


The colors of this rose pop out among the green and purple flowers that surround it.

Use the Crop & Scale tool on the wallhaven site to crop the rose wallpaper down to size. There are over a dozen screen resolutions you can pick from, and the site recognizes your screen size automatically.

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Shy Feeling by WallpaperStock

pink rose by WallpaperStock


Shy Feeling by WallpaperStock is a very pretty rose wallpaper that features a single pale pink rose set against bright green leaves.

There are lots of size options when you download this rose wallpaper, including normal resolutions like 1024x768 and 1280x1024, wide ones such as 1440x900, HD resolutions, and mobile ones.

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Rainy Rose by HD Wallpapers

Red rose being rained on

 HD Wallpapers

The beauty of this rose is still present even in the rain.

You can get this free rose wallpaper for your computer in a variety of sizes, including ultra HD 4K and 5K.

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Flower Studio by WallpaperStock

open peach rose by WallpaperStock


This rose wallpaper features a pink rose all by its lonesome against a sky blue backdrop.

Most screens should have no problem displaying this rose wallpaper since there are a dozen resolution options to pick from.

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White Rose by WallpaperStock

white rose by WallpaperStock


A single white rose sits against a deep black background in this beautiful rose wallpaper.

The wallpaper works with lots of screen sizes, like 1280x960, 852x480, 1600x1200, and others.

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Yellow Rose by WallpaperStock

A close-up of a yellow rose

You'll feel like this single yellow rose is almost jumping out from your computer screen in this rose wallpaper.

This rose wallpaper is available for download in several screen resolutions, all available from the area below the picture on the download page.

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Peach Rose by Graffiti Wallpaper

peach rose by Graffiti Wallpaper

Graffiti Wallpaper

This rose wallpaper is a beautiful close-up shot of a peach rose. It's so pretty and spring-like!

This rose wallpaper can be downloaded in 16:9 and 4:3 sizes, plus tablet sizes for your iPad or Android tablet, and resolutions for your phone.

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Dusty Pink Rose by Graffiti Wallpaper

Dusty pink rose

 Graffiti Wallpaper

This is a slightly stylized rose wallpaper that features a dusty pink rose.

You can download this rose wallpaper for screens in a variety of resolutions, including desktop, tablet, and mobile phone displays.

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Red Rose Wallpaper by Graphic Freebies

red roses outside by Graphic Freebies

Graphic Freebies

This is a more natural rose wallpaper that features two red roses still in the garden.

This rose wallpaper displays in whatever resolution your monitor is, so it'll fit perfectly for almost any screen.

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Inside of a Peach Colored Rose by Graphic Freebies

inside peach rose by Graphic Freebies

Graphic Freebies

This rose wallpaper features a beautiful peach rose and its perfect petals.

When you open this rose wallpaper, the website identifies your screen resolution and shows you the size that will work for that display.

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Single Rose Stem From WallpaperStock

A single red rose

Wallpaper Stock has this free rose wallpaper that features a single stem red rose with bright green leaves and prickly thorns. It sits upon a white background.

You can download this free wallpaper in normal resolution, HD resolution, or for your phone or social media account.

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Rose Petals by Desktop Nexus

A scattering of rose petals
Desktop Nexus

Desktop Nexus has a free rose wallpaper that features a red rose and then red and pink petals and green leaves scattered before it. It all lays on a white farmhouse style table.

On the download page, select the thumbnail of the image to have it automatically enlarge to the size of the screen you're using. You can also download the rose wallpaper in other resolutions that don't match your screen size.

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Vintage Rose From Unsplash

vintage roses


This rose wallpaper features several roses bunched together with an overall vintage look.

This wallpaper can be downloaded in one size only, but you can crop it down to size if you need to by editing it in an image editor.

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