10 Best Free Ringtone Download Sites

Use these sites to download the best free ringtones for your phone

Free ringtones are a great way to add some fun and personality to your phone without having to spend your hard-earned money on even more phone accessories. Using the websites below, you'll be able to get some free ringtones downloaded to your phone in minutes, and some even let you create your own ringtones.

There's a variety of ringtones available from these sites, including music, sounds effects, movie and TV clips, funny sounds, message tones, and just about anything else you could want to have on your phone.

Each ringtone site has different features that make it unique, so be sure to comb through the whole list until you find your favorite.

Not every ringtone download is legal, and even the legal sites sometimes have copyrighted music. If you see a ringtone from a modern, popular song, it's more than likely copyrighted and illegal to download.

How to Use a Ringtone Website

Ringtone websites let you download audio files directly from their site. In most cases, the audio files are already prepared as ringtone files for you so that all you have to do is put the ringtone on your phone to use it.

However, not all phones make the transfer process easy. In fact, only Android devices, like phones from Samsung, Google, etc., can download ringtones directly to the device.

For iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices, you have to first download the ringtone to your computer and then transfer it from your computer to your phone. You can do that with iTunes.

To download ringtones to an Android or BlackBerry device, pick the MP3 option on the ringtone website. If you're going to use the ringtone on an iOS device, download the M4R version of the ringtone.

Learn how to change your Android ringtone or how to pick a different iPhone ringtone to actually use the ringtone you download.

If the ringtone website provides a ringtone in an audio format that your phone doesn't recognize as a ringtone file, your phone might store it as a song instead of a ringtone. You can use a free audio converter program like FileZigZag to save the ringtone in a format usable on your phone.

Some of these audio file downloads will start playing in your browser automatically and won't prompt you to download the ringtone to your computer. If that happens, right-click the file and choose to save it so that you can pick where it should download to on your computer.

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Screenshot of Zedge free ringtones
What We Like
  • You can preview a ringtone before downloading it

  • There's an Android app

  • Extremely simple site; easy to understand

What We Don't Like
  • MP3 only, which isn't the format some phones use

  • Strange site setup; easy to get lost

  • Waiting period before every download

Zedge has a massive collection of free ringtones that you can browse by sound and popular searches. Categories, here, help you find free ringtones related to animal sounds, party sounds, game sounds, and more.

This site really excels at having some excellent sound effects and movie clip ringtones. Pick a ringtone to preview it and use the download button to put it on your device. On each download page is a list of categories to help you find similar sounds.

Android users can install the Zedge app to download ringtones.

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Tones7 free ringtones
What We Like
  • Simple and easy to use

  • Instant downloads

  • MP3 and M4R files

  • Online previews

What We Don't Like
  • Lots of website advertising

Over 25 categories of completely free ringtones are available at Tones7. You can find both MP3 and M4R downloads here, which means they work on iPhone, iPad, Android, and other devices.

Every download page lets you listen to the ringtone and see its details, like the file size, number of downloads, description, genre, and user comments.

The list of most popular ringtones on Tones7 is a great place to start if you're not sure which genre to choose. They also have a page for newly added ringtones.

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Mobile9 rintone downloads
What We Like
  • Shows ringtones compatible with only your phone

  • Several genres of ringtones

  • Sorting options help you find the most popular ringtones

What We Don't Like
  • Must wait several seconds for each download

  • Limited to 10 ringtone downloads per day

  • Some links are broken.

mobile9 has you enter your device type before you even get to the free ringtones. This means that once you're in, everything you're looking at is going to be compatible with your phone.

You can search through mobile9's free ringtones by what's hot, new, or tagged as the best of them all. There's also a filter you can use to only show free ringtones by the category they're in, like oldies, Spanish, funny, SMS, and many others. A family filter can be toggled on and off too.

Most of the favorite ringtones at mobile9 include sound effects, movie clips, and original music. After you've listened to the ringtone you like, you can download it or have it sent to your device (if your device is capable of direct downloads).

The mobile9 premium package lets you skip the wait times.

There's a mobile9 Windows 8 mobile app you can download for free.

The mobile9 phone selector doesn't include some new phones, but that doesn't mean that the ringtones won't work for those devices. Just choose a phone of the same brand to get compatible ringtones.

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Melofania's top free ringtone downloads
What We Like
  • Ringtones download instantly (no waiting period or ads)

  • A preview is available

  • They all work with Android and iPhone

  • You can make your own from a file or YouTube video

What We Don't Like
  • Although there's a ringtone editor, you can't edit one directly that's been made by another user

  • Can't browse for downloads by genre (only the artist's name)

Much like some of the other ringtones sites from this list, Melofania lets you edit your own music files to create a custom ringtone, as well as simply download ringtones created by other users.

The ringtone editor is really easy to use because you can drag the clip section around the music file, choosing exactly what part of the song should be made into a ringtone.

In addition to making your own ringtone, you can search or browse through ones created by others like by the artist name or by a section just for featured ringtones. If you're not sure where to start, see the top ringtones downloaded at Melofania.

When you're ready to download a ringtone from Melofania, you can select one of two file types that will work with iPhone, Android, and other phones.

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CellBeat house ringtones
What We Like
  • Dozens of genres

  • Ringtones can be sorted by popularity

  • Downloads are instant

What We Don't Like
  • Some genres don't show any ringtones

CellBeat is another free ringtone download site that has plenty to choose from. Some of the categories include classic, disco, alternative, funky, games, Indian pop, Latin, jazz, and electronica.

Ringtones can be previewed on the site and you can see when they were uploaded, how many downloads each has received, the length and file size, and other details.

CellBeat has various links to make finding your next favorite ringtone easy, such as the recent ringtones, most downloaded ringtones, and highest rated ringtones pages.

On a ringtone's download page are two links: one for iPhone and one for Android.

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MyTinyPhone jazz ringtone downloads
What We Like
  • Has lots of free ringtones

  • There are several ways to save the ringtone to your computer or phone

  • Multiple search and sort options make finding a ringtone simple

  • There's an Android app

What We Don't Like
  • The different download options can be confusing

MyTinyPhone has over half a million free ringtones that you can browse through by category, date added, and popularity, and there are numerous ways to download them.

After you find the ringtone you want, you can have it sent to your phone as an attachment or URL, saved to your computer as an MP3, or downloaded as an M4R file for use on iOS devices.

If you've been to MyTinyPhone before, you might like the new ringtones section to find the newest additions. The most popular ringtones area is also fun.

If you register for a free account, you can upload your own MP3s to turn them into ringtones. When doing so, you have the option to keep the ringtone private or to share it with other users.

If you're on an Android device, you can use the app to download the free ringtones.

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Free ringtones at Itunemachine
What We Like
  • Few ads.

  • Preview before downloading.

  • Reliable download links.

  • Customize the ringtones to include your name.

What We Don't Like
  • Search tool is too simple.

Another awesome place to get free ringtones for your phone or tablet is Itunemachine. The huge variety of ringtones will make finding your next favorite tone easy, plus there's a list of their best ringtones for easy picking and a page of new ringtones for a fresh listing.

Every ringtone has a preview button that you can use to quickly listen to the ringtone before saving it. You can do this from the list of tones, so it's quick and easy to preview one after the other.

One huge unique feature you get with this ringtone site is the ability to have your name included in the ringtone. Choose a voice and language and then enter your name before downloading the ringtone. The message that's spoken can also be edited, and it can be used for texts, too.

Ringtone downloads here are available for iPhone and other devices like Android, BlackBerry, etc. You can get an MP3 or M4R ringtone.

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Mobiles24 new ringtone downloads
What We Like
  • No user account required

  • Lots of options

  • Many genre choices

  • Compatible with all devices

  • Sorting and filtering options

What We Don't Like
  • Some sorting options don't work well

  • Displays an ad before every download

Mobiles24 is another source of ringtones. You have access to over 140,000 ringtone downloads.

Like most of these ringtone sites, you get to preview the sounds before saving them. When it's time to get the file, you can choose a version that works for Android and other phones, and one that can be used on iPhones.

An app is available for Android users.

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Notification Sounds

Screenshot of the Notification Sounds ringtone website
What We Like
  • Easy to navigate

  • Multiple download options

  • Sound previews

  • No wait times

What We Don't Like
  • Relatively limited list of genres

Sometimes all you really need is a simple notification sound, one you might find at this ringtone site aptly called Notification Sounds.

A few of the categories of free ringtone downloads include Sound Effects, Funny, Christmas Ringtones, Animals, Wake-Up Tones, and Mini Ringtone Songs.

When you download a ringtone, you can choose from MP3, M4R, and OGG.

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Ringer website
What We Like
  • Lets you build your own custom ringtone

  • Ringtones can be made for iPhone and Android devices

  • Your custom ringtone can be as long as you want it to be

  • Lets you adjust the volume and start/end times

What We Don't Like
  • Doesn't include a fade in or fade out option

  • Can't download ringtones made by other users

Ringer doesn't offer ringtones for you to browse through and download. Instead, it's merely a ringtone maker that allows audio files to be uploaded to the site and edited. You can upload MP3, WAV, WMA, and some other types of audio files.

The ringtones can be any length, and choosing the selection out of the audio file is really easy to manipulate by either dragging the edges of the selection or choosing the exact time the ringtone should start and end.

Ringer also lets you adjust the volume of the ringtone before you download it. 

When finished, just choose which format to save it as (MP3 or M4R) and then select the MAKE RINGTONE button to have the tool adjust the audio file like you specified so that you can download it to your computer.

Uploaded files are deleted from Ringer.org after one hour.

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