Free Resume Templates for Microsoft Word

Get a head start on your resume

Using a free resume template in Microsoft Word will save you hours creating a resume from scratch and many of them provide helpful hints in writing the perfect resume.

These free resume templates are extremely easy to use. You'll just need to open them in Microsoft Word or a free word processor and use them like any other free Word template by customizing them with your own information.

There are many types of free resume templates here including general, customer service, technical, and medical resumes. They'll vary in design and sometimes in format, but all the templates will help you create that resume that will get you hired.

Some of these resume templates will need to be opened with a free file extractor before they can be opened in Microsoft Word.

General Resumes

These free resume templates can be used for any job application as there aren't any career-specific sections, images, or titles.

Blue free resume template for Word
  • Basic Resume Template: This resume has an area for contact information at the top and a nicely organized section for an objective, skills, and experience section, among others.
  • Simple Design: A side panel for your contact information and recent job information.
  • Blue Stripe (direct link): Has a blue heading text color and blue stripe across the top of the template, information in the footer, and a centered body.
  • Equity Theme Resume: Multicolored heading with rounded edges.
  • Traditional Design: A template with your name and other personal details at the very top of the page.
  • Chronological: Shows work experience in chronological order within a blue design.
  • Left Aligned (direct link): Everything in this template is aligned to the left of the page and it has one line for personal details near the top.
  • Modern Design: Resume details are centered and contact information is displayed on the top right.
  • College Student: An organized template that has all your contact information in a small area at the top right.
  • Functional Resume 1: Everything is left-aligned, with your name being the largest at the top followed by your personal information.
  • Functional Resume 2: Purple stripe across the top, with your name and other personal details surrounding the header.
  • Photo Resume: Has a section for an image on the top left, with a colored heading and subheading.
  • Centered (direct link): This template centers the heading and whole resume body, includes a summary paragraph below the heading, and has large section titles.
  • College Graduate Functional Resume: Has a section for a summary of your skills, followed by your education and accomplishments.
  • Education Emphasis: Very simple design aligned to the left of the page with a summary and education section.
  • College Resume: Plain and simple resume with all the necessary categories.
  • Essential Design: Large title for your name with a color stripe down the right side.

Below are more resume templates that can be used for any job application. These must first be opened in Google Docs and then downloaded in the Microsoft Word format from the File menu.

Google Docs standard resume template
  • Generic Resume: Has a name box at the top with categories on the top left with your contact details listed out on the side of the resume.
  • Initials: Standard resume with a large box that has your initials in it.
  • Traditional: Very nice looking, with a slightly darker color in the background than in the area with the text.
  • Creative: Sections of this template are split up into categories on both the left and right sides of the resume for a more condensed template.

Customer Service Resumes

A few resume templates for customer service jobs, each with similar details but different layouts.

Customer service professional resume template for Word
  • Customer Service 1: Centered heading and left-aligned past experience sections.
  • Customer Service 2: The heading and body of the template are centered across the whole page, with a summary section near the top.
  • Customer Service 3: Personal information in the header is left aligned with a summary, achievements, and employment section with list items in each.

Technical Resumes

Here are some free resume templates for technology-centered jobs.

Free resume template for Word for computer programmers
  • Technical Support Analyst: Centered summary section and heading with a section for technical skills section and professional experience.
  • Graphic Design: Easy to ready layout with a definite focus on your strengths and professional skills.
  • Computer Programmer: Simple design with a section for computer skills and a summary of your experience.

Medical Resumes

These resume templates are designed typically for applying for a position in the medical field.

Free nursing resume template for Word
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