Free PowerPoint Templates

Create a Stunning PowerPoint Presentation With These Free Templates

These free PowerPoint templates will help you create an awesome presentation in no time. Since you start out with the formatting already done, all you need is to enter your information and you're ready to go.

You'll find a wide variety of free PowerPoint templates below including templates for games, weddings, business, hobbies, birthdays, technology, Christmas, and tons more.

All the templates are free so you'll just need to download them and open them up in Microsoft PowerPoint. At that point you can edit the templates however you like to fit your own needs.

If you don't have Microsoft PowerPoint, you can use free presentation software or a free online presentation maker to open and edit this free PowerPoint templates. You may also be interested in some free PowerPoint backgrounds.

Free Game PowerPoint Templates

Screenshot of a Jeopardy PowerPoint template with 3D cartoons
Jeopardy PowerPoint Template.

This list of PowerPoint templates is great if you're looking for a template made specifically for playing games.

There are Jeopardy, Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune, The Price Is Right, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?, and other similar templates that you can download for free.

Some are more basic than others but you can also find PowerPoint templates with sound and animation.'s Free PowerPoint Templates - Free PowerPoint Templates

You can easily find the top rated free PowerPoint templates at or pick a tag or color to find a better match.

There are tons of free templates you can pick from over 100 different categories, such as abstract, graduation, religious, nature, wedding, and business.

There's a screenshot and download count on every download page to help make a decision about a PowerPoint template before downloading it.

Presentation Magazine's Free PowerPoint Templates

Screenshot of the Presentation Magazine website logo

There are thousands of free PowerPoint templates at Presentation Magazine, including regular and animated templates.

If it's easier to find a PowerPoint template by color or tag, you have that choice. You can also browse through categories like hobbies, communication, birthday, clip art, and maps.

Free PowerPoint Templates From Microsoft

Microsoft - Free PowerPoint Templates
© Microsoft

Microsoft has free templates available for all Microsoft Office products, including PowerPoint. However, some of these templates are meant to be used with Microsoft Office Online, not the desktop software.

With around only 20 templates here, there's no need to sort or filter them because you can view all of them on one page.

All download pages have a large screenshot of the PowerPoint template which might help you make a decision on which ones to download.

Leawo's Free PowerPoint Templates

Leawo - Free PowerPoint Templates
© Leawo Software Co., Ltd.

Over 30 categories of free PowerPoint templates are hosted at Leawo.

You can find holiday templates like Christmas, Father's/Mother's Day, and Labor Day, as well as education, business, wedding, and scenery templates, among others.

You can see a screenshot of the template before you download it in ZIP form.

PowerPoint Styles' Free PowerPoint Templates

PowerPoint Styles - Free PowerPoint Templates
© PowerPoint Styles

PowerPoint Styles has a nice collection of free PowerPoint templates.

You can view screenshots and see the download count of the files to see how popular they compare to other templates.

The PowerPoint templates can be sorted by recently added, most viewed, and top downloaded.

You can also browse through categories and tags to find telecommunication, cartoon, social, abstract and textures, blackboard, and general PowerPoint templates.

If you're after a PowerPoint template with a specific color, you can do that as well. Just select black, blue, red, or any other color to see templates with that as the primary color.

Free PowerPoint Templates at Showeet

Screenshot of the Showeet website logo

Showeet has a nice large collection of free PowerPoint templates, like anything from business cards to resumes.

You can find popular templates that others are downloading as well as browse by tag like business, fun, pattern, green, and others.

Every download page has several images for you to preview, lots of information about the template, and sometimes even multiple versions of the same PPTX template if you want one with a different aspect ratio.

Subscribe by RSS or follow their social media accounts to get updates on the newer PowerPoint templates.

Free PowerPoint Templates at

Screenshot of the website logo
© Free PowerPoint Templates

The free PowerPoint templates from let you filter through them by editor's choice, category, and top 10.

Some of the categories include educational, nature, technology, business, and medical.

You can also follow their social media pages to get updates on newly released PowerPoint templates.

Slide Hunter's Free PowerPoint Templates

Slide Hunter - Free PowerPoint Templates
© Slide Hunter

Some of the free PowerPoint templates at Slide Hunter can be found listed under topics like cycle, arrows, 3D, timeline, charts, education, strategy, and planning.

There are sometimes more than one screenshot on the download page for these templates.

Like most of these PowerPoint template websites, there's an RSS feed and a few social media profiles you can watch if you want updates on new templates.

Graphicsland's Free PowerPoint Templates

Graphicsland - Free PowerPoint Templates
© Graphicsland, Inc.

There are over 20 free PowerPoint templates at Graphicsland that you can download individually or as a whole group at once.

A few of the templates you can get here are called Chalk Board, Bamboo, Light Blue Curve, and DNA Sketch.

Free PowerPoint Templates at iSpring

Screenshot of the iSpring logo

The PowerPoint templates here are made especially for romantic occasions, the winter season, and e-learning courses.

Among the three sections are a total of around 25 PowerPoint templates. There are several to choose from - some with hearts and kisses and another with a teddy bear, as well as snowy and Christmas templates, then some standard ones for the e-learning section.

A screenshot of each template is shown on the download page, and you can grab a version that works with newer editions of PowerPoint and older ones, depending on which version of the program you have.