17 Free Photo Resizers

Resize Your Photos With These Free Photo Resizers

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These free photo resizers are perfect for resizing an image to fit nicely with websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and more. They're easy to use and you'll get your image resized in a matter of seconds without having to deal with a ton of other photo editing options.

Some of the resizers let you define the exact pixel width and height the new image should be while others provide preset sizes so you can literally resize with the click of the mouse. Some of these tools resize a picture by rescaling the whole image, and others are used to resize part of picture by use of a crop tool.

Whether you need to resize just one picture or resize dozens at the same time, you can find a photo resizer below that will get the job done. The best party of it is, all of these photo resizers will resize your image without placing a logo or watermark anywhere on the picture when you decide to save it.

Note: Some of these websites also provide light image editing tools. However, if you need a more advanced or thorough editor, see my list of free online photo editors or free photo editing software. If you need a place to store your images, here's my review for the best free image hosting websites.

Screenshot of Social Image Resizer Tool
Social Image Resizer Tool

Social Image Resizer Tool does just what the name implies. After uploading a photo from your computer or entering its URL, you can resize it to fit perfectly with some of the most popular social media websites.

An image can be resized to fit a Facebook cover photo, a Twitter header image, a Pinterest board thumbnail, a YouTube profile photo, a favicon, and many others.

You get total control over what part of the image gets resized by dragging and dropping the crop tool to any area of the picture.

When you’re finished, the picture will resize to what you’ve chosen and then show you what it looks like before you decide to download it. You can save it to your computer or email it to someone using the online form.

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Changing the size of an image at rsizr

rsizr is an awesome photo resizer because it works in two ways. You can resize the entire image to a custom pixel size or you can crop out a particular portion of the picture to its own custom size. The picture can also be rotated.

When rescaling or cropping, the interface is very easy to use, letting you drag the crop tool around and resize the image by manually moving its corners.

When you're finished, you can save the image as a JPG or PNG file. You can also see the file size of the image before you download it, which can be helpful.

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Resizing two photos at Resize Now!
Resize Now!

Resize Now! is able to resize multiple images at once. You can also use Resize Me! to rotate any of your pictures.

The basic settings let you choose a small, medium, or large size. The advanced options provide greater control, letting you alter the quality, choose specific pixel sizes, plus sharpen the pictures and/or make them black and white.

The download links to the resized photos appear off to the side, and they’re valid for 15 minutes before the images are destroyed from Resize Now!.

Screenshot of Resize-Photos.com

Resize-Photos.com lets you upload just one image at a time. Formats such as PSD and GIF are even supported, among a few other common file types.

Just upload a picture, enter the width you’d like it resized to, optionally adjust the quality, and then select one of the output formats.

Adjusting the width will cause Resize-Photos.com to automatically resize the picture to an appropriate height as well, without distorting the proportions.

You can download the resized image immediately after it gets uploaded. There are also several editing tools you can use on the download page.

Selecting a new size for an image at Simple Image Resizer
Simple Image Resizer

This website truly is a simple image resizer. Just upload a picture and choose specific dimensions you’d like the new one to be. You can instead adjust a slide bar to make the photo 20%, 50%, 80%, or any other percentage smaller.

Once you’ve resized the image with Simple Image Resizer, just right-click the download link to save it to your computer.

Selecting photos to resize at OnlineImageResize.com

Another photo resizer can be found at OnlineImageResize.com. This website is perfect if you need to resize lots of images to the same size.

Just upload several images at once and then define the pixel/centimeter size you wish to resize​ the images.

The thumbnail version of the resized images will appear off to the side, and you can download them individually or grab them all at once in a ZIP file. You can also do some basic editing, such as crop or flip before you download any of the photos.

Making selections at ImageOptimizer.net

ImageOptimizer.net is extremely easy to use. After you upload the picture you want to resize, you just need to select a quality and maximum pixel width and height.

The quality can range anywhere from the smallest possible file size to the largest, with the bigger size denoting better quality.

Before you download the resized photo from ImageOptimizer.net, you can see the dimensions and file size of the original image compared to the newly edited one.

Note: There's also a downloadable program from ImageOptimizer.net that makes it easier to edit images because they don't need to be uploaded first. However, a watermark is placed on all the pictures that run through the software.

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Resizing an image of water drops at pixer.us

pixer.us may be easier to use than some of the others in this list because you can visually see how big your picture is in real time as you resize it. However, while this is useful, pixer.us doesn’t provide the ability to manually enter the pixels, which means it can be hard to resize to the specific size you want.

You can also crop, rotate, and flip the picture. Other things like image effects and color manipulation tools are also available.

A picture can be saved as JPEG, GIF, PNG, or BMP.

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Screenshot of picresize

In addition to entering a custom width and height (in pixels or as a percentage), picresize lets you define the output format and maximum file size of the image you’re working with. You can also rotate the picture before saving it.

You can view your image before you download it, copy a link to the picture stored at picresize, and share it on various social media websites.

picresize also lets you resize multiple photos at once, accessible via the Batch Resize page.

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Using the free photo resizer at ResizePic

ResizePic lets you upload only one image at once, but there aren’t any extra settings or options.

Just choose the photo you need to resize and then enter the pixel width and height that you want the new picture to be. A preview of the image will show before you download it so you can make sure it’s the size you need it to be.

GIF (animated or not), JPG, and PNG pictures can be resized at ResizePic.

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Resizing a bowl of fruit at Picasion

Picasion is another picture resizer that lets you define the exact pixels you’d like the width of the image to be. You can enter the width manually or choose any of the preset sizes.

You can also rotate the photo, choose the output quality, and apply one of a few image effects.

When you’re finished using Picasion, you get the download link, a direct URL to the image stored online, and an HTML code for embedding the picture on a website. You can also send the image to someone over email using the form off to the side of the download page.

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Choosing a photo at Resize.it

With Resize.it, you can crop out a section from an image as well as resize a picture.

Simply upload the photo you need to edit and then define a custom height and/or width. If you enter a number in just one of these boxes, the image will be resized without losing its proportions. However, if you choose to edit both the width and the height, you can create a picture of any size.

You can also sharpen or blur the picture, make it black and white, rotate it, and/or convert it to another file format.

Just right-click and choose to save the picture to your computer when you’re done.

Changing the size of a photo at Image-Tools.com

Image-Tools.com provides several ways to resize an image. You can do so by cropping it down, removing the parts you don’t want, or by resizing the whole picture.

The crop tools work to make an instant messaging profile image, forum avatar, or any custom sized photo. 

If you’re wanting to resize the whole picture, you can enter a custom pixel width and height, choose the percentage of the original that the resized image should turn out to be, or preserve the width by defining a height, or vice versa.

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Choosing a standard image size at PIXizer

PIXizer is another online photo resizer that you can use to resize an image to use as an icon, web photo, or a desktop wallpaper. Around 15 preset sizes can be chosen.

The advanced options let you define a custom pixel width and height if the preconfigured sizes aren’t what you need.

Instead of resizing a picture by its pixels, you can also resize it by a particular percentage.

PIXizer shows a preview of your image before you save it so you can make changes if you wish.

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Changing the size of a photo at Web Resizer
Web Resizer

Like some of these other image resizers, Web Resizer shows a preview of your picture before you download it, which is certainly helpful. However, this website does so primarily because you can do slight editing to it, such as modifying the contrast and exposure.

Just enter the new width or height of the picture and click apply changes to refresh the preview. You can also rotate the image if you’d like.

Note: You must refresh the preview before the download link updates with any changes you make to the size of the picture.

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Uploading Images at GIFMaker.me

GIFMaker.me lets you edit the pixel width and height of a GIF image.

You can enter the pixels manually or move the slide bar to adjust the size without skewing the proportions. You can also choose the percentage to resize the image to, such as 10% the original size or up to 300% larger.

The animation speed of the GIF can also be customized to anywhere from zero to 10,000 milliseconds.

Unfortunately, GIFMaker.me doesn't let you see a preview of the changes you've made. All you can do is download the GIF back to your computer.

Resizing a photo at ResizeYourImage

ResizeYourImage.com lets you rotate a picture as well as crop out a portion of it to any custom pixel size.

Instead of manually entering the numbers, you can simply drag and drop the tool anywhere on the image and resize it as you go.