9 Best Free Photo Collage Makers

Create a custom collage with online options

A free photo collage maker can be used for business or personal purposes, and collages can be made for online viewing or printing.

Countless types of collages can be designed on these sites that offer thousands of templates and styles that make the process quick and easy.

Each option has numerous layouts so you can use just one photo or a dozen. Their tools will help you tweak and change the design so it looks great and is uniquely yours.

Prepare your photos for use with a free photo resizer, online photo editor, or photo editing app, and consider supplementing your own images with some free stock images.

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BeFunky collage example
What We Like
  • Intuitive; easy to use.

  • Doesn't force a watermark.

  • Import photos from other sites.

What We Don't Like
  • Items that cost are listed right next to the free ones.

  • Few free graphics.

BeFunky is one of the best online collage maker sites for a number of reasons. For starters, you can jump in, right now, and get your collage made in seconds, and save it without a watermark, for free and without needing a user account.

Here are some notable features:

  • Autofill option automatically populates the template with the images you've selected
  • Lets you add photos from Google Photos
  • The background color, spacing between images, and total width and height can be adjusted to your liking
  • Lots of collage layout presets are available, but you can also make your own
  • Several patterns are available for free that can be applied to the background
  • A huge catalog of built-in graphics and photos can be used in your collage for free, as well as some shapes
  • There's a text tool included that can be heavily customized

When you're done, your image can be saved to your computer as a JPG (you select the quality/size), PNG, or PDF. You can also save it to your BeFunky account, social media profiles, online storage services, and to your computer as a project (BFD file) so you can make changes to it later.

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iPiccy collage example
What We Like
  • Everything is free.

  • Exports to high-quality JPGs.

  • Huge set of editing tools.

What We Don't Like
  • Accepts photos only from your computer (not online storage sites).

iPiccy offers more than 60 layouts including basic ones, large images surrounded by smaller images, jigsaw layouts, and advanced ones that splice photos into unique shapes.

Backgrounds can be transparent or any color, and spacing between the images, the roundness of the collage’s edges, and the total pixel size of the whole collage can be adjusted.

You can easily drag and drop photos anywhere on the template and even customize what part of the image should appear in its section of the collage. An auto-fill option imports everything at once, and a shuffle button can provide some inspiration on where to place each picture.

Save your collage to PNG or JPG, including with full support for the highest quality possible, for free. All images are saved to your computer, so you can't easily import your collages to Facebook or another site.

You can instead choose not to save right away but export the collage to iPiccy's photo editor where you can adjust colors, crop it, resize the collage, and lots more. If you go this route, you can save directly to Facebook.

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Canva collage example
What We Like
  • Creates slideshow-style collages with animations and music.

  • Supports sharing and collaboration.

What We Don't Like
  • Must log in to import photos.

  • Several text styles aren't free.

  • Maximum quality downloads aren't free.

Canva is another free photo collage maker that's highly customizable. The editor is completely free from ads and neatly organized to make accessing all the tools easy.

Something unique about this collage builder is that you can connect apps to it, such as Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Google Maps, and YouTube, and other things like QR codes and GIFs. This lets you turn a regular photo collage into an interactive picture.

Here are some other Canva features:

  • Quick login with Google or Facebook
  • Hundreds of collage layouts to pick from
  • Free photos and backgrounds that are a click away from being added to your collage, or get them from your computer or account at Facebook, Google Drive, Instagram, or Dropbox
  • Lots of free buttons, banners, shapes, arrows, and other graphics
  • Support for adding multiple slides and animations to make your collage into more of a presentation

When you're finished building your free collage, you can download it as an image, video, or PDF file. There's also a share option which lets you share a URL to your collage where people can interact with your embedded media files, such as a map or YouTube video. Printing it as a poster is another option.

Be sure to check that you're using free resources (layouts, text, images, etc.) before you spend too much time editing your ​collage. If you aren't using free ones, you'll be prompted to pay for the collage before you can download it.

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Adobe Express

Adobe Express free online collage builder
What We Like
  • Saves without a watermark.

  • Unique and helpful layer editor.

  • Thousands of templates.

  • Includes a basic editor and photo effects.

What We Don't Like
  • Limits photo uploads to one at a time.

  • Feels sluggish.

  • Requires a user account.

  • Can't resize the template for free.

From the makers of Photoshop is this completely free online collage maker called Adobe Express. It has lots of free features, including shapes, backgrounds, and other design assets.

Something we really like that sets it apart from the other tools in this list is that you can filter out the paid items so you only see free stuff. Also, as you're creating your collage, variations of the template you're using are offered, which you can switch to in seconds without losing the items you've already put on the canvas.

The text tool supports thousands of unique fonts, and effects can even be applied to your text. Photos can be imported from online storage sites like Google Photos, and you get 2 GB of storage to house everything.

Finished projects can be exported as a PDF, PNG, or JPG file. You can also easily export your creation to Adobe Express Schedule, which is the company's social media post scheduling tool.

Premium is free for a month if you want to try it. Enabling it will unlock additional templates, editing tools, assets, and more.

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FotoJet collage example
What We Like
  • Slick, easy-to-use interface.

  • Import Facebook photos.

  • Share directly to your social media sites.

  • No user account required.

What We Don't Like
  • Lots of items are usable but will cost when you're ready to save.

  • Anything above medium size images aren't free.

  • Often unresponsive buttons.

FotoJet is easy to use, doesn't require any software downloads, won't save with a watermark, and isn't cluttered with lots of tools and unnecessary screens.

The layouts here are organized in sections called Classic Collage, Creative Collage, and Misc. Some of them include art, 3D, poster, photo card, comic, and frame layouts. There's also a classic photo grid layout, like how you see most collages.

After you've chosen a layout, you can add images from Facebook, your computer, and the built-in catalog of over a million photos (from Pixabay). Drag and drop them anywhere to arrange them however you wish.

Images can be edited directly from the collage with the built-in image editing tools. They aren't as robust as a true image editor, but they do let you make quick changes, such as by flipping and rotating, changing the size, applying a filter, and modifying exposure, saturation, brightness, opacity, and more.

There's also a text tool, lots of clipart you can freely use, and several background options.

Collages at FotoJet can be saved to your computer as a JPG or PNG image, or shared directly over social media platforms. There's also a print option.

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Screenshot of a collage made on the free piZap site
What We Like
  • Load images from other sites.

  • Tons of photos and shapes you can use.

  • Includes unique options like a meme maker.

What We Don't Like
  • Must log in to do anything.

  • Isn't as easy to use as other sites.

  • Only standard quality downloads are free.

piZap has dozens of layouts ranging from basic shapes like rectangles to specific shapes like hearts and stars and special layouts for holidays.

Images can be imported from your computer or copied from your Facebook or Dropbox account. There also are many free stock images available. However, unlike some of these collage makers that let you upload several files at once and then choose which images go where, piZap has you pick one image at a time and you can't easily move it from one space in the collage to another.

Click any image and you can edit the zoom level, brightness, temperature, hue, and more. The collage layout can also be changed even after you import the images, which is really handy.

The background can be any photo you want, and you can edit the borders and round the image corners.

Dozens of effects are just a click away, so you can add a nice touch to the entire collage. There are also shapes, a text tool, a cut out tool, a paintbrush, a blur tool, and a meme generator all built into this collage maker.

You can download your collage to your computer but only in standard quality (HQ costs). It can also be shared directly to a number of social media sites.

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Fotonea.com collage example
What We Like
  • Very easy to understand how to use.

  • Makes a collage in seconds.

What We Don't Like
  • Way simpler than other collage makers (but that could be a good thing).

  • Zero traditional options.

Fotonea.com is another free collage maker that's unique in that once you upload your images, you can shuffle them however you wish and resize them in any way. There isn't a traditional layout that you need your images to fit into.

There's a background option that you can use if you want, as well as an extremely basic text tool.

Your collage is saved back to your computer as a PNG.

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Ribbet collage example
What We Like
  • Lots of editing tools.

  • Load photos from other sites.

What We Don't Like
  • Full library access costs.

  • Requires a user account

Ribbet lets you make a collage in a modern editor that's super simple to use. However, there are several features available only to subscribers, so free users will run into some limitations.

All the basics are here, like some collage layouts, drag and drop support, and spacing and proportion editing. You can import photos from your computer, take one directly from a webcam, or copy them from other sites like Facebook and Google Photos. There are also some unique features like filter overlays, a blemish fixer, textures, and a resizer and crop tool.

You can upgrade to use Ribbet without limitations. This lets you unlock the whole library of effects, fonts, stickers, editing tools, and more. Plus, you'll get ads removed and have unlimited cloud storage.

When done, you can export to your computer as a PNG, PDF, or JPG file. There's a max resolution for free users.

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Screenshot of a Photovisi collage example
What We Like
  • Several unique template categories.

  • Import images from Instagram and Facebook.

  • Makes unique collages.

  • Free shapes to use.

What We Don't Like
  • Saves with a watermark unless you pay.

  • Only low-resolution downloads are free.

  • Banner ads around the editor.

Photovisi is another neat collage maker that's totally free if you don't mind the watermark it places on your image when you're done. You're also limited to downloading a low-resolution version of the collage unless you want to pay for premium.

This site has lots of unique customization options that you won't find in other collage makers. There are several layouts, such as Vintage Colors, Overlapping Fade, Fenced In, Summer Beach, and Love On a Line.

The text tool is remarkable for such a simple-looking tool. There are loads of font types to use and no restriction on color choices. The opacity can be set to help blend it in with other objects and images.

What we like most about these layouts is that they're super flexible, so what you end up making won't look like every other collage out there. If you're wanting really interesting designs, Photovisi is the collage maker to try. It's a few dollars per month if you decide to pay.

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