Make Free Calls on Your iPad

Use VoIP for cheap or free calling on your iPad

If you want to make the most out of your expensive iPad investment, you should set up free calling to avoid the carrier from billing you for used up minutes. You can use your iPad to make free local and international calls much like as if you were using a regular cell phone.

Whether your iPad is Wi-Fi only or you use it with a data plan, free calling is just around the corner when you sign up for a VoIP service. These are apps that can transfer your voice over the internet.

The Requirements of VoIP Over the iPad

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What's normally necessary for making and receiving voice calls on a computer is an internet connection, a VoIP application, a voice input device (microphone) and an output device (earphones or speakers).

The iPad, fortunately, provides all of that, minus the VoIP service. However, obtaining a VoIP application isn't an issue in terms of availability. In fact, it's really easy to find a compatible service but might prove difficult when it comes to choosing which service to use.

Free Calling Apps for iPad

Most of the free calling apps for mobile devices like the iPad not only give you a virtual phone for making and receiving phone calls but also text messaging, video and maybe even voicemail options.

For starters is FaceTime for the iPad, which is a free, built-in audio and video calling app. It only works with other Apple products like the iPod touch, iPhone, iPad and Mac but it's really easy to use and provides high-def audio calling to anyone else with an Apple product.

Skype is a huge name in the internet communications field because it works well and is functional on a variety of devices, including the iPad. This app not only lets you call other Skype users around the world for free (even in group video or audio calls) but also supports cheap calling to landlines.

The free WhatsApp application for iPad is another way you can make free audio calls, text, and video chat with other WhatsApp users to avoid charges for minutes and SMS. This app even features end-to-end encryption to better secure all your messages, including calls.

OoVoo has free voice calling for the iPad too, plus texting and video calling. Just like most free calling apps, OoVoo only lets you call other users for free, whether they're on a computer or another mobile device. This means you can't call a house phone or a cell phone that isn't using OoVoo. The echo cancellation feature helps the audio calls remain crystal-clear.

Google has its own internet calling service as well, called Google Voice.

Some other iPad apps that allow free calling include LINE, Viber, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Libon, WeChat, TextFree Ultra, FreedomPop, Talkatone, and TextNow.

All of these apps work with iPhone and iPod touch, too. And plenty are available on other platforms as well so that you can make free calls with other mobile users regardless of the phone they use.

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